Does your body just crave a hot shower most times? Considering the rainy season, It can be really soothing, we know... especially after those cold hectic days. But there's a lot more that hot water does than you might know. 

 Other benefits of hot showers include; 

  • Relief from respiratory symptoms like a cold and cough - Hot showers help to clear out your nasal passages and loosen up phlegm
  • Muscle relaxation and soothing of muscle fatigue.
  • Helps with blemishes by opening up the pores of the skin, which allows for trapped out dirt to get cleaned out. 

However, it is not very healthy for your skin to have hot showers regularly. The temperature should be turned down minimally, and your skin should be moisturized and re-hydrated afterwards.  

 Hot showers can dry out and irritate the skin. It can strip the skin off its natural oils and healthy bacteria, which plays a major role in keeping the moisture in. There-by, causing premature wrinkling and aging. Hot water causes damages to the keratin cells that are located on the outer most layer of the skin (the epidermis); therefore, preventing the cells from locking in moisture and creating dry skin. 

Hot showers can also cause you to Itch. The heat from hot water can cause mast cells, which contain histamine, to release their contents in the skin and cause itching. Repeated use of hot water causes excessive dryness, which makes the skin more vulnerable to cracking and infection.  

Hot Showers can also worsen some skin conditions like eczema. The higher temperature makes it easier for the skin to dry out; and because dryness triggers the sebaceous gland, hot water can worsen preexisting acne or cause a breakout.  

So, we suggest you choose a happy medium. Showers are best taken with warm water; to help loosen the dirt, yet, preserve your skins natural hydrating oil. 

At ORÍKÌ, we provide natural hydrating products you can use when you have Hot Showers;   



Ultra hydrating and gentle, this rich botanical conditioning shampoo is excellent for daily use. Exotic, luxurious essential oils blended by a Zen master create balance and radiance with each application. 


To ensure that your skin stays quenched and supple, we suggest using some of our natural moisturizers;





The Cedarwood Moisturizer with Mint Leave Extract is specifically made for men. The mint leaf extract rejuvenates and refreshes. This product is rich in ‘Rice Nutri peptides’ which encourages cellular well-being, that minimize the signs of aging, while improving the tone and overall complexion of your skin. Cedarwood Natural Moisturizer for dry to normal skin, infused with nourishing Organic and Natural oils plus a powerhouse of Phytonutrients and Vitamins, combats dryness and dehydration leaving skin silky smooth, moisturized and looking its very best.


Apply a small amount to face and neck and massage into your skin gently.






The Revitalizing Q10 Day Moisturizer with Avocado is a fresh rejuvenating cream that offers long-lasting hydration without leaving skin feeling greasy. Revitalizing Co-Enzyme Q10 fortifies the humectant benefits of organic sunflower and jojoba oils. Fresh basil, raspberry and rosehip oils make this cream the perfect choice for all skin types that desire

Apply a small amount to face and neck and massage into your skin gently a vibrant complexion.



The Deep Moisturizing Night Cream with Grape Leaf is a delightfully rich, deep moisturizing cream for face and décolletage. Found within this delicious Grape Leaf Moisturizer are complex microscopic lipid spheres made of highly purified natural safflower which encapsulate and enhance delivery of the active ingredients deep within the skin. Raspberry Fruit, spinach leaf and liquor ice root extracts give fatigued skin a welcome boost with each application.

Apply a small amount to face and neck and massage into your skin gently.