The New Industry Trend - SPA AT HOME

Change is constant; this statement is gradually becoming clearer every day. Although, we try our best to prepare for everyday changes like loss, the law, the weather… etc. by finding preventive measures and possible solutions, nature just has a way of creeping up on us. Things happen that we may not foresee, but have to respond to… things like natural disasters and pandemics like the one humanity is currently facing- COVID- 19/ Corona Virus.


In the first half of 2020, the Corona Virus has swept through different continents and countries and has put the whole world under pressure. But that’s life… it’s a survival of the fittest. With social distancing and improved hygiene being the only ways to curb the spread of this virus, it’s taking away a core aspect of humanity… Physical contact, that sense of feeling is being controlled. Although we hope that the crises passes soon (in the next few months), we are gradually coming to terms with the situation. It will leave behind certain things… top on the list being change, evolution. Change in methods of communication and interactions with people, working… in our ways of living, generally.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has experienced loss in these times, and our encouragements to those at the forefront of this pandemic… The health Sector, The Food sector, the Beauty and Wellness industry... etc. This Pandemic has affected different aspects of life, including businesses like the media and Transportation companies. Automatically, Virtual is the new way of life. Transactions of almost all kinds are now being done virtually. This has increased a demand for digital services, as people are forced to stay indoors. Even entertainers are gradually gaining their grounds in this “social media only” way of life. However, there are some industries whose core services are based on the only thing that cannot be derived or provided virtually, the one thing that has become unacceptable today, TOUCH.


The Spa industry is one of the hardest hit sectors. They are at the fore front of industries whose core services are based on Touch; but this does not mean that the industry will not survive. Even though working from home feels like a huge relief now, it can get boring for your body and mind. Your body starts to get tired of being in a place for so long. You still want to feel good and healthy at home, especially if you’re involved in virtual activities. You see, as Humans, there’s always the need to feel good, it is necessary for you to be confident, to perform better and to take on life. Besides, most of us have taken these times as the holiday we never knew we needed, to take good care of ourselves and recharge against the changes we can already foresee. This is why Spas /beauty and wellness industries have to and will continue to thrive. The services that we offer are physical but personal in nature. We have provided and are providing DIY home self-care tips, but nothing can take the place of practitioners. Stylists, therapists and masseuses are specially trained to empathize with and make you happy, good and healthy, to give you that feeling you cannot get from self-care tips.

Therefore, we will continue to connect passionate practitioners to committed customers, only now, the interface will have to transition. With this change being influenced by forces like Health Pressure (The way people interact with retail spaces with physical contact, will be affected. We must always wash our hands or cleaning surfaces more frequently, but with so much anxiety, people have become more conscious about health and sanitation.), Social Pressure (Social distancing is the new normal, do you really want to go somewhere? Everyone and every surface is a potential infector. Masks, gloves and hand sanitizers have become social activity starter kits. It’s not just about being clean, it’s also about being seen as clean.), and Economic Pressure (The increased cost of compliance may make it challenging for single outlets to thrive.)


These change factors will lead to a different expectation from spas, a significant challenge to the beauty and wellness industry… but desperate situations call for desperate measures. This will be an opportunity to take advantage of another powerful force which the industry had been gradually migrating towards – Technology. The rapid embrace of technology is not only being powered by customer need, but also by business ability. Digitization has now become necessary for efficient process standardization and data management. Using Device independent software’s have already transformed industries like communication, transportation and media; this might just be the “The Spas Desperate situation”. These may not be the days of Spas being a place for social hangout; even handing out a credit card feels uncomfortable. Self check-ins, online bookings, automatic payment, online shopping and other features serve to cut-off unnecessary touch-interactions. Social Media platforms and Emails have become a widely accepted outlet to display products and services, offer wellness tips, communicate and interact with customers and to offer better services.


With improved health and hygiene standards and measures to ensure the health and safety of both our Customers and Employees, we have introduced the SPA AT HOME SERVICE- to highly minimize unnecessary contacts and exposure. You can simply book a Spa at Home service from your convenience, make payments, and get confirmation without any physical appearance or contact… and you get to enjoy the same Spa services in your home. Although the very essence of a massage will still involve touch, the efficient elimination of touch in the other processes reassures safety and hygiene. Touch will always be a necessary part of life; it can only be minimalized. So, these times of COVID-19 crisis will leave a stronger Spa industry that uses technology to meet the expectations of people and communities, while retaining its core of empathy and care.

Sometimes, life teaches us to look out for the silver lining… that change doesn’t always mean to lose what you have, but also, to gain what you need.

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