ORÍKÌ Group is the first and only all-natural farm to skin brand in Nigeria to operate a luxury spa chain coupled with its own product line. Through a distinctive mix of offerings including the farm to skin product range, diverse spa treatments, skin consultations, and a hotel travel & leisure division, each aspect of the ORÍKÌ universe speaks the language of originality and confidence, just like the brand name connotes. 


ORÍKÌ Group commenced in 2013, by developing a comprehensive range of 32 botanically based personal grooming products for women and men classified by skin type and skin concern. In 2015, the first spa location was opened in the heart of Victoria Island, followed by a boutique spa outlet in Lekki and presently a location in the prestigious Oriental Hotel and The Ehimà cave spa by ORÍKÌ location in the luxurious Eden Heights situated in VI. The ORÍKÌ product range includes serums, body scrubs, moisturizers, cleansers, body wash, eye treatments, and an ORÍKÌ for Men product line designed specifically for the shave and skincare needs of men, the product range has grown to 39 products and counting.


At ORÍKÌ, we work relentlessly towards our vision of puttng Africa on the map in the global skincare & wellness industry, poised to significantly contribute to the personal grooming & wellness market share. The ORÍKÌ spas comprise of an array of services from head to toe; inclusive of  massages, facials, body treatments, hammam baths, a nail studio and more. ORÍKÌ exists to display that we will not just remain local, we stand for international best standards and quality.



From our luxurious purpose built spas dedicated to wellness and pampering to our manufactured in Africa products, we strive to make the Continent proud and have quickly become experts in the spa & personal grooming space. We retail in three countries worldwide, in seven states in Nigeria and through the ORÍKÌ catalog, the ORÍKÌ website, the ORÍKÌ spa stores. We offer a tranquil retreat, and our spaces are conceived to express a unique blend of vibrancy, luxury and relaxation often called a ‘peaceful oasis.’

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