“Inspired by Nature. Crowned with Opulence”




Up until the 19th century, although there was little direct knowledge of Africa beyond the coast, maps were already filled with details about the Continent, a Continent blessed with the most natural resources in the world. 

Before ORÍKÌ was conceived, the founder was a little girl growing up in the western world, intrigued by natural ingredients and their potency. The first time she experienced the power of all-natural was at the age of 12 when she mixed an avocado, yogurt and olive oil together to make a mask for her hair; the result was a well moisturized, softer and more lustrous mane. She never looked back. Skin and hair became her weapon of choice for self-expression – a way to experiment with raw materials and resources – and it powered a journey that led her back to her roots on the Continent of Africa and that helped her create the brand that is ORÍKÌ. 

 Natural Ingredients

ORÍKÌ was birthed after years of experimenting with all types of natural ingredients, at one point creating a mini lab in a home setting, testing and experimenting with diverse materials from activated charcoal to wild berries and ingredients in between. She wanted others to experience and believe in the potency of natural. Seeing a void in the industry and a depiction and narration of Africa as being helpless and lacking, she launched a skincare brand “inspired by nature and crowned with opulence,” focusing on a wide range of raw materials and ingredients for all skin types, creating formulas that work for all depending on skin type and concern.

ORÍKÌ’s products are designed to engender skin-loving results to ultimately “make you proud of your skin.” Most importantly, ORÍKÌ creates skincare products to inspire. Skincare exists for you to walk boldly in your bare skin with confidence. You should never feel like you have to hide your skin or cover it up. Makeup should be a choice.


‘Your Crown, Your Origin’

Our Name Origin

‘Your Crown, Your Inspiration’ 

We carefully considered a name that would best reflect the inspired fusion of our brand, blending natural & organic ingredients & scientific research to create extraordinary skin care, hair care and body products that are superior.

The word ‘ORIKI’ [Or.eek.e] has a rich ancient history in the Yoruba language, one of the predominant tribes and languages in Nigeria. The literal translation is “Your Crown/Your Origin” and an ORÍKÌ name is meant to inspire and bring out the best in an individual.

Just as ORÍKÌ is a cultural expression akin to the Continent of Africa, ORÍKÌ is a gateway between the best of nature and knowledge and a bridge from farm to bottle and botany to beauty.


Similar to the complex, sumptuous history of ORÍKÌ and its meaning; our formulas have been cultivated from a diverse portfolio of ancient botanicals and modern technology.

We love our name, not only for its rich history, but also because it’s simply beautiful, akin to our collection of natural and organic personal grooming products. We hope you agree.