Improve Your Business with Top-Notch Customer Service

Customer service is the assistance and advice a company renders to their customers before, during and after a purchase of their products.

Your customer’s satisfaction is highly dependent on the employee’sinteraction with them. This interaction determines the subscription and retention rate of your customers. For this reason, a lot more factors are considered when hiring a customer service representative.

Who is a good customer service representative?

As we all know, every human being is special and has preferredindividual differences. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a goodcustomer service representative to satisfy each customer irrespective of their differences. A good customer service representative knows how best to relate to clients according to their preferred choices

It is the duty of a customer service representative to offer adequate guidance to their company’s customers by listening to their complainsand experiences with using the company’s products/services, understanding the problem and proffering solutions to satisfy the customer.

The importance of satisfied customer service representatives to an organization

Satisfied customer service employees will create happy customers, and good customer service encourages customers to remain loyal. Customer service represents a company’s brand image, mission, and values and customers are willing to pay more to companies that offer better customer service.

It is important for employers to provide a healthy working environment and to treat customer service representatives fairly to motivate richer customer experiences and greater customer loyalty which leads to increased profits and reduced costs.

Excellent customer service is a competitive advantage because positive customer service makes it more likely to do business with a company.Personalized customer service can also improve company’s online conversion rate.

What does a customer service representative do?

The customer representative represents employers in dealing with customers and clients
They communicate with customers about their experience using aproduct or service.
They provide advice to their customers.
They answer customers questions concerning the proper usage of the company’s product or service rendered.
They listen to customers complaints and work to resolve theseproblems.
They understand effectiveness and efficiency, and make use of helpdesk support software in attending to customers.

9 skills a customer service representative should possess:

1) Empathy.
2) Time management.
3) Attentiveness.
4) Effective listening.
5) Patience.
6) Self-control.
7) Clear communication skill.
8) Ability to use positive language.
9) Persuasive speaking.

When does one seek the help of a customer representative?

It is expected that customers may experience some challenges when patronizing the company’s product or service for the first time. The customer should be able to easily seek the company’s support on how to go about using their products at any point in time a challenge or problem triggers.

Here are some situations a customer might find themselves in order to seek assistance:

When in need of a guide to choose the right products or service.
When unsure of how to apply a product or use a service.
When facing challenges with shopping a product or making reservations for a service.
When in need of direction on how to maintain a product.
When one has a complaint or review for the company.

With the right representatives, customers should not experience:

1. Slow response time.
2. Rude communication from customer service staff.
3. Lack of real time engagement.
4. Unnecessary transfer from one agent to another.
5. Excessive customer service automation.
6. Lack of unified customer views.
7. Incompetent customer service representatives.
8. Being offered a wrong product.
9. Failure to meet commitments.

While some customer service issues may be unavoidable for several reasons, they can be managed, bearing in mind that customer expectations are shifting very quickly.

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