Every year, on the 11th of October, the girl child is celebrated internationally with a focus on addressing the challenges posed against her to promote empowerment, positivity, a healthy and safe environment for the girl child to thrive. This year, the International Day of the Girl Child was themed: “Digital Generation, Our Generation”.

Since COVID-19 hit the world last year, the lockdown which led to a world-wide shut down of businesses, schools, churches and basically everything that involved physical meetings, also led the world to become more digital. Now, almost anything can be done virtually, without one needing to leave the house. The value of the digital space has increased, prompting the need for more innovation.

Equipped with the right knowledge, almost anyone with access to the internet can generate revenue, provide an idea, a solution, voice or opinion that influences millions of people. Ensuring that the girl child is a part of this development begins with teaching her to take better care of herself physically, mentally and generally, encouraging her in her ambitious endeavors, especially when she chooses to take courses that are mostly male-dominated.

Some of the new global trending technologies include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Edge Computing, Cyber Security, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Full Stack Development, Blockchain, 5G, Robotic Press Automation and Data Science. Website development and management, content marketing, graphic designing, app development and many others are also ideal income generating sources in the digital space.

In recent times, women have taken more chances and made giant strides in changing the narrative and in the fight for gender equality and more inclusivity. Therefore, as the technological revolution reshapes the world, it is important that girls are not left out in these opportunities, and to ensure that they are well informed and rightly equipped to positively maximize the use of these technologies in the society.

Creating a more healthy/safe environment, more opportunities and equipping the girl child with the right information not only helps to save more lives and build stronger families and communities, but also fuels economic productivity. Increasing awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide can begin in areas such as:

  • Access to education and leadership opportunities.
  • Better nutrition and healthier lifestyle.
  • Legal rights.
  • Medical care and mental health awareness.
  • Protection from discrimination.
  • Gender-based violence.
  • Forced child marriage etc.


  • Focusing more on her intellectual, mental and emotional development than on her physical appearance.
  • Enabling her to be adventurous and explore the world around her, rather than reduce her chances.
  • Educating her on self-awareness and providing unrestricted access to education both online and on-site.
  • Introducing her to more diverse opportunities including health and wellness, politics, science and technology.
  • Teaching her to be bold and confident enough to believe in herself and fulfill her purpose in life.

From societal, cultural or religion beliefs and laws to educational, financial, listening and full participation opportunities, many factors contribute to the wellbeing and global impact of the girl child. However, parents play a major role in raising a strong and confident girl child, and so, should not eliminate any opportunity to hear her out, encourage her to speak up and support her genuinely, without putting a box on how wide she’s allowed to spread her wings or how far she can fly.

Teaching begins at home and for girls to make informed choices and protect themselves better, nothing should be left out, whether it’s their finances, life goals and fundamental human rights or technological skills development, spiritual growth, security, social and sexual education.

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