Customize Your Health & Wellness at The New ORÍKÌ Wellness Bar!

Wellness has rapidly become an important culture for both individuals and organizations all around the world and at ORÍKÌ, we are dedicated to ensuring the health and wellness of our loyal customers remain a priority.

For this reason, we are unveiling a new spa trend - The ORÍKÌ Wellness Bar, as part of our dedication to wellness and to the total rejuvenation of the body and mind.

What does The ORÍKÌ Wellness Bar offer?

The ORÍKÌ Wellness Bar offers you a consultation with an ORÍKÌ therapist where you have the luxury of creating your own personalized massage oils based on your concerns, how you feel, your skin type and any ailments that you would like to treat.

After you have selected and received your personalized blend, you then proceed to enjoy your selected massage service and also have the opportunity to take the remainder of your oil home.

These oils offer a wide range of benefits to your skin, body, internal organs and general wellbeing from relieving pains, aches, mental exhaustion stress and anxiety to soothing inflammation, suppressing cough, healing wounds and scars, boosting libido, eliminating infections and bacteria, soothing the skin, treating insomnia and so much more.

With the introduction of the Wellness Bar, you are assured of personal blends that will work optimally with a focus on rejuvenation, restoration and wholeness of the skin, body and mind. As always, your wellness is our priority!

What Essential & Carrier Oils do we have?

At The ORÍKÌ Wellness Bar, we have studied the rich histories of these “super oils” and have found innovative ways to get the best out of them. These oils have a wealth of skincare benefits and adding these to our service offerings and to your skincare routine gives a holistic and long-lasting result.

Trust us to provide the perfect ambience and only the best blend of oils for you, as always. Take a quick look at our variety of essential and carrier oils as well as their benefits below:

Essential oils and their benefits

Carrier oils and their benefits

Kindly Note:

  • Essential oils and aromatherapy are highly individualized and would require the advice of our skincare professional.
  • A skin patch test will be carried out to ensure there are no irritations before use.
  • Allergy information is also important during skin consultation e.g., a nut-based oil cannot be recommended or used on a customer that is allergic to nuts.
  • It is also not advisable to use essential oils when pregnant.

So, are you ready to boost your overall well being and reach your optimal health? Book an appointment at the ORÍKÌ website and visit the new ORÍKÌ Wellness Bar located at Ikate, Lekki.