How does a gender-equal world seem to you? Great, right? A world that doesn’t neglect the strength of women, a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and encouraged.

Women’s History Month has officially kicked off and the theme for this year is “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

The International Women’s Day, which is on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, celebrates and honors the beauty, diversity, contributions and achievements of women across the nations of the world who are role models to other young girls, inspire them to do better, make a difference, and evoke change.

How you can actively celebrate the IWD?

International Women’s Day in every area of life has helped to raise alarm on stereotypes and equality both at home, at work and in the world at large. Here are a few ways every individual can adopt to actively take part and support this year's theme.

  1. Encouraging non-profit organizations that work to defend women’s rights
  2. Collaborate with female-led brands, companies, and influencers.
  3. Hold an IWD celebration at work such as profiling the amazing women in your organization on your website
  4. Encourage your female staff and women around you to attend networking events.
  5. Volunteer as a mentor for a younger female in your industry.
  6. Send a message of appreciation to your female peers, colleagues, or family members.
  7. Watch a movie with strong female leads
  8. Donate money, clothes, food to a woman-centric charity or organization.
  9. Take some time on IWD to write a message of gratitude to those women in your life, emphasizing the importance of the contributions they’ve made to your life.

There are other various ways you can get involved in International Women’s Day activities and celebrate the amazing women who have devoted themselves to changing the economic, political, and social landscape for women all over the world.

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