International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month are some of the great campaigns that continue to champion a world where not only the voice of women is heard, but also, one where women can work and earn in healthy environments that support their all-around wellbeing.

When both parents are working, it makes it easier to run a family. While some mothers choose to hold off their careers and become full-time housewives to look after their babies, what about our working mothers? How can they take care of their baby while they are still employed and working? This seems difficult for most women to handle.

The incident of a working mother who recently lost her 3-month-old son in a creche school while she was at work has sprung up a great reaction amongst mothers. But there’s great news here as there are tips on how organizations can help make it possible for mothers to work and watch after their baby:

  1. Supportive breastfeeding environment in the workplace

Working breaks should allow mother’s give adequate attention to their baby, through breastfeeding breaks, adequate lactation facilities and a supportive breastfeeding environment in the workplace.

  1. Allow flexible working Time

Establishing temporary work from home policy and other measures can also enable new moms to carry out their duties while taking care of their babies.

  1. Holding a parenting practice with staff campaigns

For example, develop training and awareness campaigns that highlight the importance of early childhood development, and enlighten expecting mums on how to have a seamless work-life schedule.

  1. Ensure pregnant women and mothers are not discriminated

Organizations can create better policies relating to pregnancy, motherhood or family responsibilities – for example, temporary employment conditions, wages or career opportunities for new mums who can return to the regular schedule when their babies are old enough for creche.

  1. Extension of maternity and paternity leaves

This ensures parents can spend quality time with their children when they need it the most.


  1. Mothers can work to their full potential

A conducive working policy and conditions would enable mothers to work at a high rate.

  1. Promotes mental health

Most mothers experience mental stress and are liable not to deliver at their best facing such challenges. An organization giving better flexible time and conditions for mothers to work would help relieve them from their mental stress and they become productive in the organization also.

  1. Inspires other women to work

Women love to work and be supported financially in their homes. Mothers get inspired to work when the working time and conditions are favourable to them.

  1. Helps retain quality workers

Mothers should not only be required to sit at home and take care of children always. Most women have great skills and are empowered even after giving birth. A company that assures pregnant women are not discriminated against helps to support and retain such workers.

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