The New Year is Here! All The Reasons You Should Get A Stress Release Massage

Welcome to the end of 2021… and the beginning of 2022! It’s been an all-round wholesome and amazing year for everyone and if you had as many memorable moments as we did, you should not only be grateful for the ups and downs of a year well spent, but also getting in the right mood for an even more fulfilling year ahead.

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

So, if there’s anything you want to begin the New Year with, it’s a stress-free, renewed and rejuvenated state of body and mind. No, it’s not as difficult as you think to keep your body agile and ensure you start off your year on the best note at work, home, school and even while you sleep.

This New Year, it should be a goal of yours to take better care of your body, control strains and aches, keep your muscles soft and light, and reduce tension which drains your energy.

Stress Release Massages not only promote emotional and physical calmness and relaxation, but also helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It promotes peace of mind which promotes positive energy and makes prioritizing, setting goals (which we know you’re doing now) and achieving them much easier. Here are more reasons you need to get a stress relieve massage:

  1. Relaxation: A good massage makes you feel better and relaxed and eases your stress by breaking down tissues and knots which makes the muscles free and promotes relaxation.
  1. Good sleep: It enables you to experience better sleep that helps improve your health level. Some sleep off during the massage because it calms the mind.
  2. It boosts the immune system: Massage therapy increases the activity level of white blood cells that work to combat viruses.
  1. It eases up headaches: Most headaches are a result of high stress levels and lack of sleep. Massage therapy can help with both symptoms, and in turn, help relieve tension headaches
  1. It helps in the lower joint replacement pain.
  1. It reduces anxiety: Massage therapy helps the body relax, allowing one to let go of anxious thoughts. Massage also helps manage fight-or-flight response, commonly active in those with anxiety.
  1. Relieve one’s stress: People can be stressed out due to their daily activities. Massage helps to lower the stress level and makes the body feel calm again.
  1. Massages Improve quality of life.
  1. It reduces muscle tension: Muscles that stay in the state of contraction are unable to relax. A massage helps encourage those muscles to relax, resulting in a decrease in tension
  1. It eases symptoms of depression: Massage therapy eases mental issues and can enable those signs to flow out like a river and give you a balanced state of mind.
  2. It limits pregnancy pains: Pregnancy can lead to waist pains as we see pregnant women always holding their waist for support. Massages can help free up the waist griddles and relieve it from pains.
  1. It enhances exercise performance: The body is able to move freely during exercise.
  2. Manage low-back pain: This pain is being experienced by the majority of people. It's good to get a low-back massage to crack up contracted joints and tissues in the back to make you feel relieved.
  1. It is also known to improve balance in older adults.
  1. It eases chronic neck pains.
  1. It increases energy level: Massage therapy reduces fatigue and increases energy levels. Thereby increasing recovery, reducing pain, easing stress and anxiety and improving sleep.

Are you convinced, or do you need more reasons to get a Stress Release Massage? Visit the ORÍKÌ website and book an appointment now and begin your year the best way you can. Remember, visiting with loved ones makes it more worthwhile.

Yours Truly,