Tea Tree Oil should be Part of Your Skincare Routine for These Reasons

When it comes to essential oils, Tea Tree Oil is highly recommended due to its antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. From your face and skin to your palm, feet, hair and even the eyes, tea tree oil serves so many purposes you probably didn’t know about.

Apart from being an essential oil for the skin, tea tree oil may also be used to reduce the growth of mold on fruits and vegetables, for hand sanitizers, antiseptic, natural deodorant or insect repellent.

This oil can be used alone, along with other essential skin oils or added to your skincare products. If you deal with acne, pimples, unclear skin, blemishes or allergic reactions, it is necessary that you add teat tree oil to your routine, or ensure your skincare products contain tea tree oil for these reasons:

- Tea tree oil contains natural chemicals that kill bacteria and reduce inflammations and allergic skin reactions such as nickel.

- The properties in tea tree oil also control uncommon eyelid infections that may reduce eye-inflammation.

- Tea tree oil controls Itchy skin infections caused by mites, ringworm, as well as acne symptoms like acne severity, etc.

- Tea tree oil can cure fungal nail infections and improve nail appearance.

- Tea tree oil also has wound healing properties. It can serve as a disinfectant for minor injuries, as it kills bacteria that can cause infection in open wounds.

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