Most ORÍKÌ products are unisex, but we have a product range that specifically caters for men which include shaving tools, an exfoliant, a moisturizer and beard oil. Men deserve to have great well-kept skin too!



The ORÍKÌ Easy Shave Oil with Jojoba helps men achieve the closest shave ever with this botanical shave oil formulated to soften facial hair and reduce friction while shaving. It minimizes razor burns and makes shaving easy thanks to the lubricating oil base found in this super nourishing beard preparation oil. The easy shave oil is rich in organic jojoba, grape seed and rosehip oils. These help to deliver vital nutrition while providing protection for even the most sensitive skin types.

DIRECTION FOR USE- Cleanse your face thoroughly with warm water and facial cleanser, leave your skin slightly moist then rub 3 to 5 drops of easy shave oil on your face and neck to prep and smoothen your skin for shaving.


The ORÍKÌ Conditioning Yucca Shave Cream with Lemongrass makes shaving a breeze, our non-foaming shave cream that makes precision shaving easy. It helps to remove all unwanted hairs, it is ideal for all skin types.

DIRECTION FOR USE- Apply a thin layer of shave cream over moist skin in a circular motion, aiming at raising the hair up. Rinse out with cold water when done shaving and pat dry. May be used with a shave brush as an alternative to direct application.


The ORÍKÌ Olive Butter Aftershave Balm soothes, cools and calms skin inflammation, minimizing redness and razor burn often associated with shaving. The balm consists of antiseptic clary sage and anti-bacterial pomegranate extract that encourages your skin's natural healing process while protecting your skin from external irritants. Formulated with organic grape seed and emollient olive butter that softens and nourishes skin, this ultra-sheer formula makes an effective light moisturizer.

DIRECTION FOR USE- Use immediately after shaving. Apply a small amount over the just shaved skin, paying close attention to irritated areas. Do not rinse after use.



The ORÍKÌ 2 IN 1 Anti-Aging  Facial Exfoliator gently buffs away impurities and dead surface cells while toning, smoothing and purifying your skin revealing a healthier complexion. The exfoliator consists of organic squamosa, derived from the sugar apple tree, it is combined with powerful nutri peptides to enhance collagen production and improve inter-cellular cohesion. Anti-aging free radical scavengers derived from pomegranate, cranberry, vitamins C and E provide protection from harsh environmental aggressors leaving skin looking and feeling healthy all year round.

DIRECTION FOR USE- Apply on damp skin. Rub on face in a circular motion, allowing the exfoliant to buff away the dead skin cells and impurities. Rinse off your skin with warm water after use.


The Cedarwood Moisturizer with Mint Leave Extract is specifically made for men. The mint leaf extract rejuvenates and refreshes, this product is rich in ‘Rice Nutri peptides’ which encourages cellular wellbeing that minimize the signs of aging while improving tone and overall complexion of your skin. Cedarwood natural moisturizer for dry to normal skin, infused with nourishing organic and natural oils plus a powerhouse of phytonutrients and vitamins, combats dryness and dehydration leaving skin silky smooth, moisturized and looking its very best.

DIRECTION FOR USE- Apply a small amount to face and neck and massage into your skin gently.


The ORÍKÌ Beard Oil with Jojoba helps to moisturize and grow your facial hair, coveted beard and the skin beneath with our beard oil. It hydrates your skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, while it also works as a styling agent.

DIRECTION FOR USE- Apply a few drops on damp and beard and skin under the beard after washing your face with warm water to allow the oil penetrate into your pores properly.