Skin care products that are typically food for the skin, because what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it! Trying a new skin care product can be exciting but it can be disappointing if the product doesn’t do the work you expected it to do or makes your skin condition worse. Just because a particular product is popular in the market doesn’t mean that the product will work for you. Here are some signs that indicate that you may be using the wrong skin care product:


  1. Your skin is breaking out- you could be allergic to an ingredient in the product or it is too harsh for your skin. You can get rashes, hives, more pimples, more acne and itchy skin.
  2. Your skin feels tight- Tightness can also be an indication that your new miracle product just isn’t right for you. Using the wrong cleanser in particular, can strip your skin of its natural protective oils, causing dehydration, irritation and dryness.
  3. Your skin has become oily- Having normal skin is normal for some people, but if oil usually isn’t a concern for you, then perhaps your product formulas are affecting your skin.
  4. Your face burns or stings- Do not suffer in the name of beauty, you need to change the product you are currently using as this is not normal.
  5. Your face has become more sensitive- If you notice that your skin reacts after a particular product has been applied then you need to change the product.
  6. Your Complexion Is dry and peeling- Dry skin can be normal, but if you find that your complexion is rough and peeling then you have to swap the product for one that suites your skin type .

Let’s talk about two ingredients out of our numerous favourites at ORÍKÌ



Avocado is a fruit full of healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants that are great for your skin. It prevents sun damage and reduces sun tan. This way, it also prevents skin aging, the healthy fats in avocados will moisturize your skin and reduce any inflammation. On the one hand, avocado antioxidants like vitamins C and E can fight free radicals which damage the skin. Try out a few ORÍKÌ products infused with avocado:

  1. The ORÍKÌ Revitalizing Q10 Day Moisturizer with Avocado is a fresh rejuvenating cream that offers long-lasting hydration without leaving skin feeling greasy. Revitalizing Co-Enzyme Q10 fortifies the humectant benefits of organic sunflower and jojoba oils. Fresh basil, raspberry and rosehip oils make this cream the perfect choice for all skin types that desire a vibrant complexion.

APPLICATION PROCESS- After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to face and neck and massage into your skin gently. May be used in the morning and evening.

  1. The ORÍKÌ Revitalizing Avocado Masque with Seaweed Extract Mango Butter, rich in Vitamin C, unites with Rainforest source Brazilian Fruit and African Shea Butters, to hydrate and restore suppleness to dry or devitalized skin. Organic Sunflower, Seabuckthorn and Jojoba oils boost moisture levels while supplying a host of protective benefits. Pure Mango Pulp and Salicylic Acid gently encourage exfoliation resulting in a fresher, glowing appearance. This masque restores natural suppleness, elasticity or softness that results from moisture loss.

APPLICATION PROCESS- After cleansing, apply an even layer over face and neck. Relax for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse well with warm water and facial sponge. Follow with appropriate toner and appropriate protective treatment.

Book an appointment to enjoy The ORÍKÌ Citrus Avocado Polish. This invigorating exfoliation uses mineral salt blended with oils of avocado, orange, lemon and tangerine rind and is followed by a warm swiss shower including a shear butter lotion application.



The antibacterial properties and salicylic acid content of mint leaves assists smooth cell turnover. It loosens dead skin cells and ensures that the new ones are healthy, it also contains vitamin A which controls the secretion of oil in people who have oily and acne-prone skin. This helps you achieve clear skin by fading acne scars. Mint is an abundant source of menthol and has strong antibacterial properties. It is often used in cleansers, astringents, toners, and moisturizers. Mint helps to brighten your complexion and leaves your skin hydrated. Try out a few ORÍKÌ products infused with mint:

  1. The ORÍKÌ Mint Sugar Body Scrub is a natural exfoliator that gently removes pore clogging dead skin cells, oils and daily makeup residue, letting the body breathe free for a natural and healthy look. It gets rid of dull skin and keeps lines and wrinkles in check, leaving the skin glowing.                   APPLICATION PROCESS- Apply the scrub while taking a shower, apply a sufficient amount to your wet skin, massaging in a circular motion to allow the granules remove the dead skin. Rinse the scrub off when done.
  1. The Cedarwood Moisturizer with Mint Leave Extract is specifically made for men. The mint leaf extract rejuvenates and refreshes, this product is rich in ‘Rice Nutri peptides’ which encourages cellular wellbeing that minimize the signs of aging while improving tone and overall complexion of your skin. Cedarwood Natural Moisturizer for dry to normal skin, infused with nourishing Organic and Natural oils plus a powerhouse of Phytonutrients and Vitamins, combats dryness and dehydration leaving skin silky smooth, moisturized and looking its very best.

APPLICATION PROCESS- Apply a small amount to face and neck and massage into your skin gently.

  1. The ORÍKÌ Refreshingly Mint Body Oil is an exclusive blend of potent natural oils that promote balance of body and spirit that keep the skin soft and smooth. It moisturizes and improves the elasticity of your skin. It’s energizing and ultra-fresh minty aroma stimulates circulation and awakens the mind.

APPLICATION FOR USE- Apply mint oil on wet skin, preferably after a morning or evening shower, massaging for a few seconds.

Book an appointment to indulge in The ORÍKÌ Eucalyptus Body Wrap. This natural mint, cooling eucalyptus wrap gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells without causing any irritation. The micronutrients and deep hydrating benefits of eucalyptus and seaweed are blended in a moisturizing base that includes vitamin C, E and aleo vera.