Merry Christmas from ORÍKÌ!

It’s finally here! Merry Christmas from the ORÍKÌ Family.

Christmas, a season filled with love, joy and happiness, no better way to spend this wonderful season, than with family. We all ought to have a good time throughout this season, it's natural. Food cravings can take high effect in times like this. But, you can still have the best Christmas and stay healthy at the same time.

Eat Healthy

In season like this, there are usually plenty of unhealthy temptations to go around; food, alcoholic drinks, biscuits, cheeses, chocolates, snacks etc. Although self-control can be a little difficult, moderation will make Christmas Day much more pleasant. Remaining self-conscious of what you eat and drink will reduce your chances of falling off your routine. If you feel the need to go for a second helping of dinner, train yourself to wait a minimum of 20 minutes and then assess whether or not you truly want another slice of that chocolate cake.

Perhaps, replacing a few calorific snacks with a piece of fruit or two will go a long way in ensuring your wellness. Alongside the obvious benefits of taking in more vitamins and minerals, you might realize that you will be fuller and, therefore, more unlikely to tuck into the less healthy options surrounding you. When your meal has had time to reach your stomach, you may realize that you weren't really hungry and that additional calories are not in your best interest

When shopping for the holidays, make it a priority to add as much healthy food items as possible on your list.

Don’t be Idle

During holidays, it can be very much tempting to sit on the couch all day and do nothing but watch TV with family and friends. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, as a matter of fact it helps family bonding. But it is beneficial to your general sense of well-being if you take breaks and move around from time to time.

A walk in the park, a little exercise in the middle of the lounge will be adequate. Activities like these will reduce the possibility of excessive food and drinks consumption.

Take Care of your Skin and Hair

If there was any time to pay attention to your skin and hair, it is now. You want to look as beautiful as possible and your skin and hair play a huge role in that. Try DIY Tips, Wash your face and skin regularly with the ORÍKÌ African Black Soap or the ORÍKÌ Liquid Black Soap, rid dry skin by moisturizing with the Whipped Shea Butter Soufflé or the Natural Green Tea Body Moisturizer; the Sugarcane Lip Scrub with Coconut Oil is perfect for exfoliating and keeping  your lips moisturized in this harmattan season. The Whipped Shea Butter Soufflé is also perfect for your hair care needs.

Specially made to cater to our gentlemen, we have the Conditioning Yucca Shave Cream with Lemongrass, Easy Shave Oil with Organic Jojoba, Cedarwood Moisturizer with Mint Leaf Extract, and the Beard Oil with Organic Jojoba.

Be Careful. Be Alert

Accidents do happen often during the holidays; there is lots of traveling, harmful object could be lying around the house, such as batteries that children can swallow, Christmas trees that the cat/dog can pull down, and sharp knives cutting through lumps of meat. Staying safe through the season is most essential.

Take care of your Mental Health

There are numerous ways to look after your mental health during the holidays. Consider doing something for someone else, sending gifts to remind you friends and family that you care. Not everyone enjoys the holiday season, so a little bit of kindness might do wonders for someone else… and for you.

Reminisce on the past year and prepare for the New Year.

Thank you for riding with us throughout the year, and to say thank you, we’ve offered you the chance to relax and let ORÍKÌ take care of you and your loved ones with our December to Remember package which lets you:

  • Rejuvenate yourself with our 30 minute stress release massage and 30-minute facial combination for only 12k.
  • Indulge in a 30 min Body Scrub + 30 min Body Wrap with a promise to leave you pampered for only 15k!
  • Iron out those tense and sore muscles with a 1-hour deep tissue massage for only N18k.

People often see the Christmas season as a time to do whatever they please. Instead, this year, consider it an invitation to take care of your mental and physical health.

From all of us at ORÍKÌ — Happy Holidays!