Have a Stress Free Worker’s Day/Ramadan Holiday!

Have you felt overwhelmed lately? Are you experiencing physical symptoms like headaches, chest pain, upset stomach, high blood pressure, or even emotional symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks and worry?

All of these may be happening simply because you’re stressed. Stress can result from a lot of things; It could be work related, family related, health related or money related. It can sometimes get tricky because you wouldn’t even know where exactly stress is coming from – you just know you’re stressed!

Even the slightest change in your diet can result in stress. Fasting for Instance can increase levels of cortisol – the body’s stress hormone.

However, as humans, stress is part of our nature and is inevitable, and sometimes it even motivates you to get things done. You may feel anxious for a while but it’s absolutely okay! It just means you’re human.

As we wrap up stress awareness month, here are measures you can take to keep your stress level in check.

  •  Stay positive

  • Staying positive isn’t magic and it does not mean all of your problems will disappear. What it will do is make the problems seem more manageable and help you approach hardships in a more positive and productive way.

  •  Learn to manage your time more efficiently

  • There are a couple of ways you can manage your time. First, you need to focus on how you're spending your time, then  create a daily schedule for those things and sort them in order of their priority.


  • Create time for hobbies and fun events (you have to loosen up!)

  • Remember the old quote “all work, no play makes jack a dull boy”? Exactly! As much as you need to get the job done, you have to create some fun time for yourself too. You won’t realize how much you have done if you don’t take a break sometimes. So get out and have some fun!

  •  Spend more quality time with loved ones.

  • Stress has a way of taking over our minds, so much so that we are so engrossed in trying to find solutions to our pressing problems in a way that we forget about the people that matter to us and care about us. Who knows? All you need might just be simply connecting with a friend, family or loved one to get the answers you’re looking for. But you wouldn't know if you don't even try. 

  • Eat healthy, exercise and sleep.

  •  You can’t cheat nature! The body has a way of retracting and making up for lost energy and nutrients. You  need to consciously put in more effort and attention into your diets, inculcate exercises – no matter how little -- into your daily routine, and sleep when your mind is tired.

    • Book a massage session. 

    Massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress due to the increased level of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones) during the process. Don’t forget it’s Ramadan season, and we mentioned earlier the impact of fasting on stress. So, you just might want to give yourself a treat and opt for a soothing massage session now that the fasting is over and with a 3-day holiday ahead. 



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    We look forward to having you around, do have a stress free weekend and enjoy the holiday ahead.