Feeling Anxious? Here’s How You Can Handle It

Once in a while, it is normal to feel nervous, mostly if you have a big event, examination or something major coming up.

Other reasons why one might feel nervous include stress.

With the current security state of the nation, it is more likely for one to get irritable or too distracted/absent minded to complete daily tasks as a result of fear. If you feel this way or find yourself overthinking, having scary thoughts, panicking, feeling uninterested in regular activities or talking to anyone, then you might be dealing with anxiety.

As much as you need to be alert and conscious of your surroundings, always remember to breath. Take breaks when you feel overwhelmed. Your mental health is very important if you must function well.

Ensure that you drink enough water, eat healthy meals and get good sleep. Lack of sleep can be a trigger for anxiety, especially when something is already bothering you. Get enough rest, spend time exercising, take a walk or do some yoga (maybe at the beach) if you need some serenity to let go of
negative thoughts. You should also cut down on your alcohol intake as alcohol is known to aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks. When you notice yourself having scary thoughts about what is going on around you, distract yourself from those thoughts. If you must, avoid channels that expose you to negative news for a period of time. Find things that distract you from those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Some good distractions include calling a friend to talk about how you feel, watching a movie or listening to music that will lift your mood. Getting a worth-while massage is also a great idea.

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