Father’s Day is Here! See Tips on How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Kids

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’re super delighted to celebrate the fathers and father figures in the ORÍKÌ Family. We know you put in a lot of work to keep your families together. We appreciate all that you do.

We also know that sometimes, as a result of the many things you have to do to cater to your families, you barely have time to spend with them. This often creates a distance between father’s and their children.

With this in view, we’ve listed a few ways you can carry on with your daily life and maintain a good relationship with your kids. Here are some helpful ideas:


No matter how busy your schedule is, it’s important to find time for your family to avoid this distance.

A one-minute phone call during the day, taking 5 minutes before leaving for work to tickle your kids or to tuck them into bed before retiring for the day. These little things go a long way in building your relationship with them even if they don’t get to see you all day. It may be stressful, but they’re totally worth the sacrifice.

Be Present

Being present doesn’t necessarily mean being there all the time. But when you are, make it count. Listen to them when they talk. It doesn’t always have to be a serious conversation. Sometimes, they just want to laugh with their father.

Tell them interesting stories, even about your own childhood. Let them in on your life and be honest with them. Don’t paint unnecessary perfect pictures of how things should be to set unrealistic standards, it creates tension when they’re with you.

Help them solve problems without making them feel uncomfortable. Correct them without demotivating them. Don’t spend all your free time watching soccer with the boys or on yourself alone, no matter how little. Help them navigate this life how best you can. Create an environment for them to speak comfortably.

If you’re wondering what conversations to have with your kids, these are some ideas:

  • What they enjoy doing
  • What makes you proud of them
  • Finance and career goals
  • Health and wellness
  • Your life lessons
  • Their challenges and the solutions

Create a routine

Your weekends are very vital in building your relationship with kids if you can’t do it during the week. It’s helpful to create a routine that everyone in the family engages in.

It can be one hour set aside on Saturdays/Sundays to watch a favorite show together, play games, or to just talk about the past and coming week. Be intentional about it. It doesn’t have to be the same things all the time, be spontaneous with them.

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