Benefits Of Sea Stone Therapy

Sea stone therapy is a type of massage therapy derived from China and is now most prevalent in Western massage treatments. It has been proven to unwind and relieve tense muscles and injured soft tissues all over the body. The stones used for this therapy are basalt which is typically known to retain heat, they are smooth and flat. During a massage, they are heated and placed on particular areas of your body such as the spine, belly, chest, face, palms, feet and toes. 

Occasionally, a hot stone massage will also include the use of cold stones. After heated stones, cold stones can be used to relax the skin and reduce any inflamed blood vessels.


The following are some benefits of receiving a sea stone massage:


 Helps You Relax More

Your body will become more relaxed as the warm stones rest on it, both physically and mentally.

Warm muscles are more receptive to massage techniques like rolling and kneading. Your body's underlying tension is released as a result of the heat, which also helps to relieve aching muscles.


Decreases Muscle Spasms

You already know how painful muscle spasms can be if you've ever had one.

Debilitating muscular spasms can sometimes occur. Hours can pass between some spasms.

The benefit of heat more effectively relaxes your muscles during a hot stone massage. Additionally, this method aids in reducing the inflammation that comes with tense muscles.


Improves sleep

Sleep is disturbed by pain or worrisome thoughts. Over time, getting massages frequently helps keep unpleasant symptoms to a minimum.

You'll feel more at ease, less tense, and prepared for more consistent nights of restful sleep thanks to the additional advantages of hot stones throughout your massage.

In people with insomnia, sea stone massage may be a better option than sleeping drugs, receiving a back massage can help you unwind and fall asleep. 


 Aids in Easing Pain and Tension 

Heat has long been used to reduce pain and muscle strain. It aids in boosting blood flow to the injured area. Additionally, it might ease muscle spasms and improve range of motion and flexibility. The use of cold treatment reduces inflammation. Alternating between heat and cold stones throughout your massage may be beneficial depending on your concerns.


Increases Flexibility

It is challenging to move through daily chores when one has stiff joints. The muscles around joints and stiff joints can both benefit from massage.

Hot stones are more effective in releasing tight joints and sore muscles than traditional massage techniques when you have an injury or excessively stiff joints.

You'll notice that over time, hot stone therapy helps to increase your flexibility. Your joints will be more at ease, making it simpler for you to move with less pain and friction.


To get the best of your next sea stone massage, book an appointment with us now, our Sea Stone Therapy uses thermodynamic basalt stones which are massaged over your body as the therapeutic heat slowly radiates into it, easing the muscles and inducing a state of calm relaxation. Small stones are also placed on your key energy points, whilst a luxurious warm oil is massaged into your skin. Look at our treatments page to see if you would like to combine a blissful Sea Stone Massage with any of our numerous other treatments.