All the Right Reasons to get a Facial Treatment

Facials are part of skin care treatments which focus on the face. Facials include steaming, exfoliation, massage, facial masks, peels, extractor, creams and lotions. Facials are a common spa treatment that can either be used for specific skin conditions or general skincare. 

Facials can include various facial massages and cleansing techniques that give your skin deep and thorough cleansing. It opens up the pores and loosens deep-down dirt, making it easier for this dirt to be removed. Facials detoxify your Skin and unclog your pores. They help to extract blackheads and get rid of pustules that clog the skin. They clean up the pores without scarring or long term damage. 

Facials remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of pore size. Exfoliating gives your product deeper penetration and make them work more effectively. It’s different from exfoliating at home, professional facial target specific areas and deep layers of the skin. 

We bet you didn’t know that getting facials help you know things you didn’t know about your skin. It’s important to know your skin type when getting products for your skin and one of the best ways to get this information is getting a skincare expert who can take one look at your skin and tell you things you wouldn’t know if you stared in the mirror all day. Think of it as going to the salon for a hair wash, you’ll find out what kind of shampoo or conditioner to use for your hair because the stylist knows better. Ask questions when you go for facials, find out your skin type and the products that you should or shouldn’t use. Take all the advice you can get so that you maintain your skin the right way. 

Getting facial treatments go beyond your daily skincare routines/regimens. It’s like self-medicating when you need to visit the doctor to know exactly what the issue is. There’s a huge difference.  Skin care professionals have better tools and products to carry out facial treatments that a facial scrub will not give you. These experts use more effective tools that improve the skin both inside and out.

Don’t forget the feeling that comes with getting your facials done. Imagine running your hands through your face and not feeling any roughness. The smooth baby feeling you get when your face glows. Walking past mirrors like you’ve never seen one, getting your makeup done with ease and wearing it all day without getting cracks. 

Remember that as the process of facial treatment puts your face through pressure and opens your pores to extract blackheads, it also opens it up to bacteria. It’s important to avoid makeup and the likes for about the first two to three days, after getting your facials done. Give your skin enough time to heal before using harsh products and make up, to enjoy the full pleasure that comes with getting facial treatments. 

No matter how much you imagine it, you’ll never know what it feels like till you get the experience. 

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