At ORÍKÌ , we aspire to make a difference. Our success is the success of every individual that touches the product across the value chain, and this keeps us motivated. Income from fairly traded raw materials and production of all natural products can provide a better life for families. We are inspired by the life transforming potential of creating an indigenous quality beauty brand. When you purchase ORÍKÌ  products, you empower a woman, transform a community and change the world.

Through the purchase of some of our signature products, we are caring for you, communities and the earth. ORÍKÌ  represents the full circle of giving that uplifts farmers, men, women, students and more all the way through the value chain from seed to shelf. Together we can make a beautiful difference in the lives of communities. We care for our communities by donating 100% of the profit of designated indigenous made ORÍKÌ products to grassroots organizations both locally and across Africa that focus on youth & women empowerment, sustainable agriculture, and environmental/clean energy initiatives. ORÍKÌ strongly believes that when you empower a woman, you empower a generation.

Through the ORÍKÌ Foundation, we strive to expand the meaningful income of farmers we work with by providing market routes for their products, keeping commercial value in Africa, where it is often lost. ORÍKÌhas found a way to help women take care of their families by providing economic empowerment through trade and the creation of the carefully deliberated array of products that harness the scientifically-proven power of nature.

We are intent on producing the best quality products with natural, botanically based ingredients sourced predominantly in Africa and reaching many corners of the globe. Our products are intended to be utilized by connoisseurs worldwide, and on supporting and enriching the lives of farmers who keep our culture alive through programmes such as ‘From Plant to Profit,’ our commitment to promote Sustainable Agriculture and empower farmers as a means of job creation, poverty reduction and economic development.

We practice what we preach; we believe in creating a luxury proudly African brand, focused on quality, and reflecting the highest standards. Our products are comparable to that of any country. Not just because of the sleek and memorable packaging on the outside, but more importantly, because of what’s inside. We obtain our ingredients products using not only local resources but superior materials. Through this, we are committed to sustainability and empowerment, and support the preservation and promotion of African culture through extraordinary creations.