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Our Spa Services in Nairobi

In line with our company motto, 'Democratizing wellness, Prioritizing Self-care', we have an array of carefully curated, result driven services for our clients. Whatever your skincare and wellness goals are, we have just the perfect spa and massage services for you. All services are provided by our professional massage therapists, making use of our all-natural, highly potent natural products. Our spa services in Nairobi, Kenya includes the following:


The Classic 'Swedish': This is not your average Swedish massage. Our Swedish massage is aimed at soothing and relaxing the body for a relieved muscular tension and improved blood circulation through out the body.

ORÍKÌ Blend 'Balinese': Our holistic Balinese massage is fusion of aromatherapy and therapeutic deep tissue strokes to gently knead away stress from your body system. 

Sea Stone Therapy: This is a combination of the traditional swedish massage and polished sea stone to promote deep relaxation and relive muscular tension in the body.

Prenatal: As the name implies, this massage is for pregnant women; in their second to thrid trimester. It is targeted at releasing lower back pain, water retention and sciatica. Do not worry as we have certified professionals in this area who will attend to you.

Stress Relief: This massage service is targeted at the neck and shoulders as a remedy for persistent headaches and tension. Sole Relief is included in this 50 minute massage service.

Sole Relief: This is a pressure-point foot massage that helps to release the flow of energy through out the body. Head, neck and shoulder stress release are included in the 50 minute massage service.

Soul to Soul: This is a romantic side-by-side massage that is available for any of the above mentioned massage services. This takes place in our exclusive couple's room.

Four Hand Massage: Enjoy a luxurious head-to-toe massage session with two therapists and four hands, giving you the pampering that you deserve.

Oriental Foot Reflexology: This massage is designed to target some pressure points in the foot to help with pain management, relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Deep Reliever( Deep Tissue Massage): Our deep reliever massage gives you the ultimate muscle and tension relieve from head to toes as it is designed to reach the deepest layers of your muscles, tissues, and joints.

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ORÍKÌ Body Melt: This body treatment package entails a gentle exfoliation, which is followed by a shower and a full-body massage with essential oils. Providing nourishment for not just your skin but your muscles as well.

ORÍKÌ Citrus Avocado polish: This refreshing exfoliation session is carried out with mineral salts blended with various oils such as avocado, orange, lemon and tangerine oils. This is followed by a Swiss shower and afterwards, a moisturizing Shea butter to lock in moisture, leaving your body smooth and glowy.

Mineralizing Mask: This is a deep cleansing and detoxifying body treatment that makes use of dry body brushing to prepare the skin for a vitamin- and mineral-enriched full-body seaweed mask.

Sweet as Honey: This body treatment will leave your body as sweet as honey, just as the name implies. It is a brightening and moisturizing body treatment made up of the use of vitamin C enriched orange peel scrub to exfoliate the skin, followed by a moisturizing honey wrap and finally, a moisturizing orange honey cream.

Lavendar Lift: An uplifting body treatment that will brighten up your day with a generous amount of lavender body scrub which is followed by a lavender body wrap. An aromatic and hydrating body treatment for a beautiful soul like yours.

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Skin Care & Facials

The ORÍKÌ Classic Facial: Our classic facials is for anyone who wishes to have a clear smooth skin as it involves deep cleansing, enzyme preparations for the skin, extraction (if needed) and a customized masque formulated to fit your skin needs.

The ORÍKÌ Men’s Facial: This is for our fellas in the house who prioritize skincare. This facial treatment is carefully designed to meet the general and specific skin needs of men. Our men's facial will transform your face from rough to smooth.

THE ORÍKÌ Purifying Facial: Do you have oily or combination skin? Then this purifying facial is for you. It provides your skin with deep cleansing and exfoliation to reveal a purified skin.

THE ORÍKÌ Rich Hydration Facial: For a smooth, well nourished and well hydrated skin, go for our rich hydrating facial which provides the skin with the needed hydrating essential minerals and nutrients.

Fountain of Youth (Anti-Aging): Yes, aging is an inevitable fact of life, however, at ORÍKÌ we have the beauty secrets to help you age gracefully, one of which is our anti aging facial, which is specially curated with effective skincare products and techniques such as massage to help rejuvenate, tone and lift the skin.

This is available to be incorporated within the service time of any 50-minute or longer facial services. It includes, Eye soother service, lip service, scalp treatment and paraffin wax service.

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Full Body Waxing: Get rid of unwanted body hair from head to toe with our full body waxing service, which is followed with a soothing post waxing oil to relieve sensitivity and soreness.

Brazilian Waxing: Let our well experienced spa therapists help you get rid of unwanted pubic hair with our full Brazilian wax service. You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Hollywood Wax: Get our Hollywood wax where we totally get rid of all pubic hair.

Full Leg Waxing: This includes waxing services from your thighs down to your toes. Our full leg waxing will leave the skin on your legs brighter and smoother.

Half Leg Waxing: This waxing service targets body hair from your knee to your toes.

Back Waxing: Our back waxing service is targeted at the removal of hair growths on your back to reveal a smooth and bright skin.

Chest Waxing: Get rid of chest hair with our gentle chest waxing service.

Armpit Wax: Let us help you grow your confidence with our armpit waxing service that will not only remove armpit hair but also make the skin around your armpit area brighter.

Sugar Waxing: Are you sensitive to regular waxing products? Then, we have got you covered with our painless sugar waxing service which is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Half Stomach: This is targeted at the removal of hair around your lower stomach.

Upper Lip: A wax service available for both men and women to help get rid of unwanted upper lip hair.

Sides of Faces: Do you have hair growing on either side of your face that you wish to get rid of? Then you are in the right place.




Deluxe ORÍKÌ Manicure: This includes the deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization of your hands and nails for an elegant outcome.

Paraffin Manicure: This includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, followed by a soothing paraffin wax treatment for your hands and financially, intense moisturization.

Jelly Manicure: Have your hands soaked inside our carefully selected hydrating and brightening jelly manicure treatments.



Deluxe ORÍKÌ Pedicure: Our classic pedicure will help you get rid of calluses from your feet and toenails, through deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization. Followed by a slight foot massage.

Cleopatra Pedicure: Enjoy the skin nourishing goodness of soaking your feet in warm milk during your pedicure.

Botanical Pedicure: Enjoy the soothing healing benefits of nature with our botanical flowers and herbs infused pedicure targeted at wellness and beautification of your feet.

Deluxe ORÍKÌ Pedicure with Foot Mask: Enjoy a soothing pedicure service finished off with a brightening and firming foot mask.

Foot Mask: This is a pedicure service targeted at drawing out impurities from the skin around the foot.



Gel Polish: Our gel nails services are available for both your natural nails and artificial nails. We have certified nail technicians that will provide you with outstanding and classy gel nail designs.

Dissolving of Nails( Acrylic): This is a 30 minutes nails service where we get rid of your acrylic nails without causing damage to the nails under.

Dissolving of Nails ( Gel Polish): Safely dissolve your gel polish without causing damage to your natural nails with our gel polish nail dissolving service.



Mini Unwind: This is a perfect mini get away from the hustles and bustles of your daily life. This package contains a combination of, a steam bath, a soothing facials and a stress relieving massage to relieve tension from your back, neck and shoulders.

Mid Week Mini Retreat: Need a relaxing mini retreat during the week day or the weekend? We have got you covered with our mid week mini retreat which comprises of a steam bath, a eucalyptus body warp, a one hour massage and a healthy green tea for you to sip on while having your pedicure afterwards.

Dapper Men's Package: This package was created with attention to details of every man's wellness needs. With the deep tissue massage, pedicure and manicure services included in this service, you will come out relieved from stress, leg pains and muscle tension. Revealing a restored, relaxed and more energetic version of you.

ORÍKÌ Classic: Our oriki classic package is made up of luxurious services that will have you coming back for more. We start with a steam bath, followed with a hot sea therapy massage and a classic refreshing facials to rejuvenate your skin.

 Life Stream Wellness : We start with a steam bath, leading up to a relaxing coffee and orange scrub, followed immediately with a seaweed mineral body wrap and finally, a soothing swedish massage.

Peaceful Escape: This 2hrs 40 minutes of blissful services will transport you into the world of peaceful escape full of sweet smelling and relaxing spa services such as a steam bath, followed by an exfoilating body scrub, a purifying facial and finally a classic head to toe classic massage to lock in the blissful feeling.

ORÍKÌ Total Deluxe Package: This package comprises of a steam bath, full body exfoliation, a hydrating facial service and an oriki Balinese massage.

Euphoria for Two Spa Retreat: This is an ideal romantic getaway for couples which includes, a 60 minutes soul to soul couples massage and a 60 minutes Mini hands and Feet Grooming Session.

Just For Two: The ultimate romantic couples get away. Embeded in this package is a soul to soul couples relaxing massage, a mini ORÍKÌ Ultra-Hydrating Facial (for ladies) and an ORÍKÌ Skin Facial (for men) along with a refreshing herbal infusion Refresh with a herbal infusion or some tropical island fruits for you to enjoy while at it.

Spa Date For Two: A luxurious couples spa services to reignite the flames. Book this luxurious oriki couples package for you and your spouse. It comes with a radiant ORÍKÌ facial treatment , a soothing and relaxing soul to soul couples massage which takes place in our conducive couple's room and finally, a nourishing ORÍKÌ beautiful hands services accompanied with herbal infusion and refreshing tropical fruits to enjoy while you are getting pampered.

Hammam Bath: Our hammam Bath is a 15-50 minute body treatment where we treat you to Moroccan hammam beauty secrets that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and most importantly, glowing.

Steam Room: Our state of the art and highly hygienic steam room will help you reach your wellness and skincare goals with our steam room services that are targeted at helping you to relax, ease tensed joints, promote blood circulation in the body and get rejuvenated.

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