Yes, There Is A Right Way To Pop Your Pimples!


Pimples are known to always show up at the worst moments, they always seem to appear just before a party, a particular date, or a significant family gathering. We know that urge you get when you look in the mirror just right before your important occasion and there’s a sprouting pimple staring right back at you–you can almost hear it saying “I’m here now, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”.  At this point, all you want to do is to squeeze it. You really want to squeeze it. 


It is bad to pop a pimple because you’ll be hurting your skin in the long run. Imagine a pimple like a little sack that holds oil, debris, and acne bacteria together, the moment you poke the pimple's outer skin, everything oozes out, splatters and lands inside other pores, leading to more pimples.

pricking and prodding a pimple can force the debris and bacteria even deeper into your skin. New kinds of bacteria from your finger can also be transferred from your fingers into the zit, which can cause the pimple to become more red, inflamed, swollen and infected, resulting in permanent scarring. 


To avoid all these, we advise you leave the pimple to linger for its normal life span which lasts for about 3-7 days.

However, If you're determined to pop your zit, let’s show you the proper way to do it.


Give It Some Time

Don’t poke it immediately it shows. Even if you can’t wait 3-7 days for the pimple to heal itself, the least you can do is give it a day or two or till you see that the pus is close to the surface and ready to be drained.

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Having given it enough time to ripen, ensure to wash your hands with warm water, and soap, to rid them of bacteria that could infect the zit.


Sterilize Your pin 

Get a zit popper or any straight sharp pin and sterilize it with a match or lighter. Leave the pin to cool, then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. Apply some alcohol on the zit with a cotton pad and pour some on your fingers, and dry them.


Position Your Pin/Zit Popper

Hold the pin against the surface of your skin, and gently pierce the tip of the zit's white centre, it should be obvious enough for you to see. Be careful not to poke too deep.


Press The Zit

Using your fingers, or a cotton pad, softly squeeze the pimple. Press around the white tip of the zit until you get all the pus out, don’t press till blood comes out! We advise you to let the pimple be if the pus doesn't come out quickly. You can try again after some days following the same process.


Close The Pore

Having Successfully drained the abscess, apply a good toner to help with the healing process and prevent scarring. 

Our Herbal Skin Clearing Toner W/Calendula helps reduce the likeliness of acne as it contains extracts and purifying oils like lemongrass, coneflower and liquorice root that diminish sebum production while encouraging balance and clarity.

Place an ice bag on the spot to calm the inflammation and close the pore.