The Safety Measures Put in Place for a Smooth ORÍKÌ Experience

We are in very delicate times and more than ever before, the need for safety measures and guidelines to not only be put in place, but be adhered to has become of more importance. 

As we engage in our regular business of creating the perfect escape for you, at ORÍKÌ, we also make sure to play our part in keeping our community safe.

Our services are highly based on physical contact, and so, we see to it that every one of our service providers i.e., employees, are well trained and undergo thorough safety and sanitation programs.

We also require that our visitors follow the guidelines put in place to ensure safety on their parts.

Safety policies for our workers:

Anyone experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 will be placed on immediate leave until they have been quarantined for at least 2 weeks.

Every worker on duty must have not travelled internationally within the past 30 days.

It is compulsory to wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth while on duty and consequential if violated.

All workers must wash their hands regularly and sanitize every equipment upon arrival and between appointments.

Linens provided to clients must be fresh and laundered, or better still, client’s linens should be used if preferred.

Safety policies for our clients:

Kindly follow all safety guidelines including social distancing, use of sanitizers, etc.

Refrain from booking a session if you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19.

If you have travelled internationally within the last 30 days, make sure you quarantine yourself for at least 2 weeks before you book a session at ORÍKÌ.

If you have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, please isolate yourself and follow our safety guidelines before booking a session at ORÍKÌ.

Always wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times during and all through your sessions.

Ensure that the therapist assigned to you follows all safety measures, i.e., he or she must; have a facemask on, wash both hands thoroughly before and after each session, sanitize both hands properly, etc.

Finally, clients can equally opt for a Spa at Home session if visiting the spa feels uncomfortable. Our well trained and fully kitted staff will bring the one-of-a-kind ORÍKÌ experience to the comfort of your home, ensuring all safety requirements are met.

With this in view, make sure to prioritize your safety, even as you book and enjoy your appointments with us at ORÍKÌ.