So Refreshing! You Should Totally Visit The ORÍKÌ Spa

It is of more value than you think to treat yourself and your loved ones to a trip to the Spa for a splendid, well-appointed and relaxing moment as frequently as possible, to relieve you of your stress and tensions.

There’s nothing as refreshing as enjoying a massage after a stressful day/week, pampering yourself to a facial treatment before a big event or enjoying a spa date with your partner or even your squad… generally, spa treatments are a grand way people love to indulge.

We have discovered some fantastic benefits of a spa visit and here’s all you need to know:

Spa Treatments Promote better sleep

Health they say is Wealth. Struggling with sleep can be tiresome and exhausting, and can leave you completely drained out. Massages completely relax the muscles, reduce your blood pressure and help you to maintain a healthy heart rate; all of which lead to a better night rest.

Spa Treatments prevent varicose veins

Being on your feet all day or for a long period of time can eventually start to take its toll on your body and this can develop varicose vein. However, leg massagers can help to prevent varicose vein from developing in the first place.

So if you need your legs to live your daily life, get them the massages they deserve!

Spa Treatments promote radiant skin

Do you have a skin problem or does your face feel particularly dry? A facial treatment can help to thoroughly clean and hydrate the skin by giving it the nourishment it needs to look healthy.

Spa Treatments help you to de-stress

Visiting the spa allows you to separate yourself from life's daily stressors and have some precious “me time”. It gives you a clear mind which brings about productivity. It also lets you relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones on spa dates.

Spa Treatments improve blood flow and circulation

Another splendid benefit of a body massage, especially when you have them frequently, is that they regulate your blood pressure and improve your blood circulation. This has many effects on your health.

Spa Treatments relieve acne and pain

General acne and pain are a common occurrence for many, sitting for a long period of time, sleeping on unsupportive mattress and more can all contribute to them. A lovely way of getting rid of these acne and pains is by having a relaxing massage. It could be full body or one focused on specific areas which help to fully relax the muscles tissues.

Spa Treatments increase happiness

Among the many benefits of spa treatment is the biological effects it has on the body especially with regards to your happiness level. Massages at the spa are known to release serotonin which is the hormone associated with happiness. This helps to improve your mood and that of the people around you.

At The ORÍKÌ Spa, we cater to your wellbeing by offering the best spa treatments that reenergize you and replenish your skin. Some of these wonderful spa treatments include:

  • Totally Gentle Facial Treatment with Avocado

This soothing treatment was designed for fragile, weakened skin. It repairs and rebalances the skin’s defences with the skin-softening virtues of Avocado.

  • The Stress Release

This is the ultimate remedy for tension and chronic headaches. This service concentrates on the neck, shoulder and back to release stress and promote a sense of well-being.

  • Heaven

This relaxing head to toe massage balances your spirit and senses with the energy from heated Basalt stones – an ancient healing therapy that is deeply soothing for the mind, body and soul.

  • Body Wrap Contouring

This is a deeply purifying wrap based on cocoa and rice powders. It helps refine contours and leases the skin soft and firm.

  • Moisture-Relax Body Treatment with Banana and Milk

This extract is used for hydrating and nourishing virtues. It brings a wave of hydration and comfort for thirsty skin that becomes more comfortable, suppler and thus more resistant to external aggression.

We have other amazing services that will leave you coming back for more. Book an appointment at any of  the ORÍKÌ spas and experience the expertise behind these high-performance professional spa treatments.