Skincare Tips On-The-Go To Prevent The December Jetlags

December is upon us, and that can only mean one thing – the festive travel season is here! Whether you're heading home for the holidays, embarking on a detty december adventure, or jetting off to a tropical paradise, your skincare routine doesn't have to take a backseat. Let's dive into some savvy skincare tips to keep you glowing on-the-go this December.

  1. Hydration Station:

Traveling, by road, air or even water, can be dehydrating, and your skin might be the first to show it. Combat the dry December air by upping your water intake before, during, and after your trip. A hydrated body equals happy, radiant skin. Don't forget a trusty water bottle to stay refreshed on the go!

  1. Mini Marvels:

Embrace the power of travel-sized skincare products. They're your secret weapons for maintaining a consistent routine while keeping your luggage light. Consider the Skin Rejuvenating Face Cream, our Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum, and ORÍKÌ’s proud Sugarcane Lip Scrub that packs a punch without taking up precious suitcase space.

  1. Masking Magic:

Using masks are your in-flight companions. Place a good face mask on during your journey to replenish moisture and revitalize your skin. A nice recommendation is our Clarifying Face Mask. It's a simple way to turn that sometimes-stressful trip into a spa-like experience, plus you have all the time on your hands.

  1. Sunscreen Savior:

Even in winter, the sun can be fierce. Pack a travel-sized sunscreen to shield your skin from UV rays, especially if you're heading to snowy destinations where sunlight reflects off the snow. Everybody should use sunscreen, your future self will thank you for the effort.

  1. Multi-Tasking Marvels:

Opt for products that do double duty. A moisturizer with built-in SPF, a cleanser that also exfoliates, like the Deep Cleansing Face Scrub – these multitasking wonders save time and suitcase space. Efficiency is key when you're dashing between flights or exploring new destinations.

  1. Nighttime Nourishment:

Night trips can be harsh on the skin. Prioritize a nourishing nighttime routine. Apply a hydrating mask or a rich moisturizer to let your skin indulge in restoration while you catch some in-flight Zs.

  1. Healthy Snacking:

What you eat impacts your skin. Opt for hydrating snacks like cucumber and watermelon during your journey. These not only keep you nourished but contribute to your skin's hydration levels. The electrolytes from the hydrating foods can keep hydration level up and provide a variety of nutrients. 

  1. Celebrate You:

Traveling can be stressful, but it's also an adventure. Embrace the holiday spirit by celebrating you. Treat yourself to a mini spa moment with your favorite skincare products. A touch of self-care goes a long way.

  1. Spend Time With Loved Ones:

Having quality time with those closest improves health. This season marks the end of the year, making it a perfect period to appreciate the people you love, whether it be gifting each other, dancing along to your favourite hits with your siblings or even just taking time to call that cousin. Spending time with family and friends helps with learning how to cope with stress better, and less stress equals less breakouts.  

  1. Festive Fragrance:

Don't forget a signature scent. A small bottle of your favorite fragrance can be a mood-booster and a delightful reminder of the holiday season, no matter where you are. You can even spray the ORÍKÌ Elixir Airmist for a beautiful aroma around the house this Christmas.

As you navigate the hustle and bustle of December travels, let your skin glow with festive radiance. With these on-the-go skincare tips and a touch of ORÍKÌ luxury, you'll arrive at your destination not only in style but with a radiant holiday glow. From rejuvenating face creams to refreshing toners, essentials ensure your skincare routine remains a festive affair, even when you're miles away.

If you find yourself in Kenya this holiday, do well to pay us a visit at our Nairobi Branch for the sake of your tranquilty, we are always ready to serve.

Safe travels and happy holidays!