Skin pigmentation is the present color of the skin of a person, which is as a result of amount of melanin - a natural pigment that gives your skin, hair, and eyes their unique color.

Your skin could become darker or lighter due to changes in your body’s production of melanin. This can make spots or patches of skin appear darker than surrounding areas.

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition most people are familiar with as it can affect individuals of different race.

Types of hyperpigmentation include melasma; sun spots which can easily affect areas of skin that face sun exposure like the face, arms, and legs; injury or skin inflammation such as cuts, burns, acne, or lupus. These can occur anywhere on the body.

What are the causes of hyperpigmentation?

The cause of hyperpigmentation depends on the type. However, the most common causes of hyperpigmentation are:

·        Sun exposure

The body produces more melanin to protect the skin from prolonged exposure to the sun. This can cause dark spots or patches on the skin called age spots or sun spots.

·        Skin inflammation

Areas of skin can darken after people have had inflammation of the skin. This can include acne, eczema, lupus, or an injury to the skin. People with darker skin are more likely to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

·        Melasma

Darker patches of skin can form when people experience hormonal changes. This type of hyperpigmentation is common during pregnancy.

·        Reactions to drug use

Certain medications, such as antimalarial drugs and tricyclic antidepressants, can cause hyperpigmentation. In these cases, patches of skin may turn gray.

Chemicals in topical treatments can also sometimes cause hyperpigmentation.

How can one get rid of hyperpigmentation?

Although hyperpigmentation is not harmful, some people wish to get rid of it as having even-toned skin boosts confidence. There are varieties of control measures that may help to get rid of, prevent, or to stop hyperpigmentation from becoming more prominent:

  • Avoid excess exposure of your skin to the sun.
  • Avoid picking at the skin to prevent hyperpigmentation from forming after an injury, avoid picking at spots, scabs, and acne.

Home remedies for hyperpigmentation

It may also be possible to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation using natural remedies like niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which is a powerful ingredient for moisturizing and brightening. When trying a new treatment or natural remedy, it is always advisable to try it on a small patch of skin first, and stop usage if it irritates the skin.

2018 review study suggests that the following natural treatments may be able to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation:


Aloesin, a compound that is present in aloe vera, helps to lighten and even out hyperpigmentation. Aloesin works by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin.

Study shows that taking aloe vera capsules can relieve melasma in pregnant women. People can apply aloe vera gel from the plant directly to the skin daily.


Licorice extracts may also lighten hyperpigmentation. Research  suggests that a licorice extract called glabridin can have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and skin-whitening effects.

People can use creams containing glabridin on areas of hyperpigmentation.

Green Tea

Green tea extracts also improve hyperpigmentation. Scientists have long studied green tea for its potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and research shows that green tea extracts can improve melasma and reduce sunburn.

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