Massage Therapy- The possible solution to your headaches

Have you ever had those constant headaches that won’t just go away? It can get annoyingly overwhelming when you’re trying to focus or have a good time; but your head wouldn’t let you be. Chronic Headaches are one of the most over looked issues, at the same time, one of the most common complaints made to healthcare practitioners every day. What a lot of people don’t know is, not every headache requires medication!

Most times, headaches are signals that something isn’t right with your body… and that could include stress, straining of the muscles, lack of sleep, or even lack of water in your body. So if you’ve been taking those pills and your head still won’t stop throbbing with pain, maybe it’s time to get a massage instead.

Massage therapy has proven to be highly effective in preventing and treating both tension headaches (these headaches can be caused by neck alignment, hormonal/chemical/environmental changes, stress or anxiety, muscle spasms, trigger points and dehydration. They can come in form of constricting feeling, or pain in the head, behind the eyes, the neck or the shoulders. They do not usually come with sensitivity to light or sound) and Migraines (these type of headaches are sometimes mysterious. They could be caused by hormonal or chemical changes, blood sugar regulation, food sensitivity, neck alignment, neurological problems, irritants or vascular problems. They can be severe and can come with light/sound sensitivity, nausea or vomiting.

Here are some of the benefits of massage therapy:

Massages relieve muscle tension:

Massage can help loosen tight muscles and taught bands of tissue. Loosening the muscles which attach to the skull can relieve the tension headaches which travel from the neck, through the back of the head, and to the eyes. This helps with neck alignment and balancing of the muscles.

Massages contributes to the progress of blood circulation:

If there are areas in your body which lack blood flow, massages can help increase the flow of blood in those areas and therefore, help to relieve pain.

Massages help regulate hormones:

Massages help to reduce the level of stress hormone Cortisol. It stimulates the nervous system and increases endorphins, which help to promote relaxation. This can then improve your sleep level, which finally leads to reduced stress and headaches.

Massages reduces pain from Trigger Points:

Areas of hype- irritable tissues which are very tender and can refer pain to other areas of the body are called Trigger Points. A spot within or near a strained muscle can be a trigger point. Trigger point massages can help to reduce the pain and referrals into the neck and head, therefore reducing headaches.


Massage therapy has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for pain and headaches. However, this does not take the place of your doctor. Because headaches could have different causes, you should consult your doctor if you feel unusual pain.

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