Introducing ORÍKÌ’s Corporate Wellness Services

Wellness has rapidly become an important culture for both individuals and organizations all around the world. It has gradually moved from being a trend to being a lifestyle.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, Employee Wellness Program can be defined as “an organized, employer-sponsored program that is designed to support employees (and, sometimes, their families) as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit the organization’s bottom line.

Apart from health insurance, many companies offer wellness programs to their employees as an additional health benefit. Companies implement these programs as a way to attract top talent, keep their employees healthy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.

Health and Wellness by the Numbers

46% of adult Nigerians have hypertension. 80% drop in the number of lost days due to illness and significant drop in its health costs, reported by Chevron after introducing a wellness program. 60 million Nigerians suffer from mental health disorder annually.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Well-designed programs aim to give employees the resources they need to improve their health and foster lasting, positive lifestyle behaviors. Wellness programs aren’t just good for the employees who engage with them, they are also excellent for businesses. Happy, healthy, fulfilled staff members are more productive, more forward-thinking, and better able to come up with innovative and creative solutions within their roles. Please see other benefits below;

1) Wellness Programs improve employee health behaviors

2) Wellness Programs reduce elevated health risks

3) Wellness Programs reduce health care costs 4) Wellness Programs improve productivity

5) Wellness Programs can decrease absenteeism

6) Wellness Programs can help improve employee recruitment and retention

7) Wellness Programs build and help sustain high employee morale

Our Corporate Wellness Services

At ORÍKÌ we have gone the extra mile to put your employees and customers at the central focus of wellness and pampering. We bring innovation to gifting and also offer discounts and complimentary services. With us, you are assured of a dedicated relationship manager. Now, we’ve provided an array of options to boost productivity, reward your employees and show care:

● On-site corporate massage

● Corporate gifting

● Bulk spa voucher package

● Membership plans

● Private event and staff parties

The gift of relaxation and health is perfect for clients/staff. Choose from our assortment of gift baskets or create custom baskets inclusive of your own corporate collateral. Take advantage of our Bulk Purchase program and treat yourself in the process. Our boxes can include skin care products, spa vouchers as well as healthy treats asides your organization's branded items.

Want to really make an impression?

Create customized Wellness Gift Cards which can be branded for you for staff/client appreciation.

● The cards can be loaded with as many services and spa packages as you desire.

● Cards are reusable and valid for a set duration depending on the selected packages

● Customized gift cards can be created to fit any budget

● This is a great gift option as the cards are portable, fancy and have a lengthy redemption time ensuring value is gotten for it.

● The cards are a gift that keeps on giving: focused on wellness & total wellbeing.

Membership Plan

The ORÍKÌ annual membership known as our UNWIND package comprises of relaxing, and pampering treatments every month to contribute to your overall wellness. As an exclusive UNWIND member, you are entitled to a monthly signature massage, facial, and manicure & pedicure; as well as a quarterly body scrub. There are also additional benefits to access throughout the year, which includes:

• A Body scrub once per quarter (Sweet as Honey or the ORÍKÌ Citrus AvocadoPolish)

• 10% discount off all other facials, massages, & body scrubs

• 10% discount off all Hammam services

• 10% off all ORÍKÌ products

• 1 Complimentary 60-minute massage on your birthday.

Our annual membership fee is N550,000. Unlimited Steam room access can be added to the UNWIND membership for an additional fee or N30,000 per annum.

Email us on this address ( for more information on our Corporate Wellness Services, and visit the ORÍKÌ website for more of our wellness products and services.