How to Minimize Facial Pores

Photo source: Angela Roma on Pexels

Before diving into how to reduce facial pores, it is important to know the factors that cause pores to be enlarged. The following are the most common reasons for enlarged pores:


Reduced elasticity around the pore: 

The skin becomes less supple at this point.


Increased hair follicle volume: 

When the pore at the end of the hair follicle becomes clogged, the volume of the hair follicle increases.

The pore can get clogged when oil gathers in the pore and mixes with debris or cosmetics. The pore is stretched as a result of the blockage, making it appear larger. A pimple may form if the pore remains plugged.


Excessive sebum:

 This occurs when the sebaceous gland generates excessive oil, resulting in oily skin.

Depending on the type of skin, a person's pores may be more or less visible. Some home remedies may aid in the reduction of big pores.

Pores are divided into two categories. One produces sebum, the body's natural oil, and the other has sweat. The oil-releasing pores might sometimes appear larger.

Large pores are impossible to eliminate, although there are measures to minimize their appearance, such as:

 Washing the face in the morning and at night.

Face washing is the most fundamental kind of skin care.

Wash the face with lukewarm water and gently use a cleanser with clean fingertips up to twice a day, or more if you've been sweating a lot or playing sports.

Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin. Wipe the face dry with a clean towel using a mild cleanser that is non-abrasive and does not contain alcohol. 

You can try out the ORÍKÌ tea tree oil control face wash to achieve this effect.
Washing your face twice a day, in the morning and evening, helps to remove oil and grime from your pores. This can help them blend into the background.

Opt for water-based products.

Rather than oils, people with oily skin will benefit from humectant-rich products. Humectants in skin care products include honey and urea.


Petrolatum, coconut oil, and other types of oil are found in oil-based goods. They effectively hydrate the skin, but they may not be appropriate for those who have oily skin or large pores. Excess oil on the skin can clog pores and make them appear larger.



Exfoliate once or twice a week if you have oily skin to eliminate debris that might block pores, such as:


  • Specks of dirt
  • Dead skin cells
  • Excess oil

We recommend scrubbing with THE ORÍKÌ deep cleansing face scrub to achieve the best result.

Exfoliation should be done no more than twice a week to avoid drying out the skin. Exfoliation helps keep pores unclogged, but if the skin becomes too dry, pores might appear larger.

Moisturizing Daily

It may seem counterintuitive to moisturize oily skin. On the other hand, an oil-free moisturizer can help to decrease pore enlargement.

To help hydrate and soften the skin, a person should first wash and pat it dry, then apply a moisturizer softly. This permits the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to enter deeper into the skin instead of remaining in the surface pores.

Moisturizing reduces the appearance of pores by preventing them from being blocked with oil.

Putting on a face mask

Once or twice a week, apply a face mask to help eliminate excess oil from the pores. This is due to the fact that masks absorb sebum.

Photo source: Angela Roma on Pexels

Getting rid of the oil might help prevent pores from enlarging and becoming more apparent.


We recommend THE ORÍKÌ clarifying face mask for best results.


Because over-treating the skin might create irritation, it's best to do this on a different day than exfoliating. Irritation can cause pores to expand and flaws to emerge.


Take off your makeup every night.

It is crucial to remove all of your makeup before going to bed.


Due to a buildup of makeup, oil, and germs, sleeping in makeup overnight can cause the pores to get blocked.


With all these measures in place, you are on a good journey to shrinking those pores. Visit  to shop amazing skin care products and read more tips on how you can achieve great skin and body generally.