Five Years On, Twice As Strong!

Hurray! ORÍKÌ is honored to be celebrating five years of catering to our highly esteemed customers, and there is no better way to do it than to appreciate those who have helped us come this far.

Over the past five years, through the obstacles and difficulties, we are proud to say we have created well over 40 products which are available in over 4 countries. It’s incredible!

Despite all of the challenges and obstacles we have faced, we have stayed inspired to provide the best services to our customers regardless of circumstances, because God (Our CEO) has kept us going. 

To every one of the ORÍKÌ family members; our production team, therapists and the engine room, you all have been amazing. Indeed, we have the best staff here at ORÍKÌ and we wouldn’t trade you for anything. You have made this journey a fantastic, memorable and successful one. ORÍKÌ would be nothing without you, and together we are going to break new grounds and reach new heights. 

Catering to the wellbeing of our customers, in a world where stress and anxiety takes its toll on people every other day has been our utmost pleasure and we only look forward to serving you better. It has been a beautiful experience for us; watching you walk into our spa, letting loose and giving us the chance to take good care of you. Nothing gives us more joy than being a safe space for you to de-stress and get rid of all your anxieties, being your comfort zone and your go to in times of unrest, and pampering and rejuvenating you for the times ahead. We love helping you create beautiful memories, improving your ‘skinfidence’ and making life easier for you in our own ways; we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

We appreciate every single one of you for your patronage and feedback. You have helped us grow over the years. Thank you for the great ideas; with them we have been able to build the “ORÍKÌ membership” and a number of different packages, because we always listen to you.

To serve you better, we will be glad to read your ORÍKÌ stories; your experiences with our products and our spa services. We trust you have had an amazing time at ORÍKÌ and we will love for you to share your amazing ORÍKÌ experiences with us. We can’t wait to find out the many ways we have been able to put smiles on your faces.

On Sunday, October 25, The ORÍKÌ Group will be five years strong… and we are more than excited to be celebrating with you by our side.