Enjoy This Easter Holiday! Let’s Show You How

Remember the excitement of Easter season? We do, and it’s here again. Easter is one of the most significant and honored holidays observed by the Christians.


It marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death, and signifies a period of peaceful connection. The best part - it come with a two-day holiday which gives you time off work, to indulge in other activities.

Do you have any plans to celebrate the peace and joy of Easter? This year, you can take your Easter celebrations from a different angle; being more intentional about your purpose, sharing thoughtful gifts or spending time alone to reminisce the essence of life, and more are ways to put some thought into your Easter celebration.

  1. Rest: Take the time off to review your purpose and processes. Resting is one way to let go of peace depriving stress (mentally, emotionally and physically) as well as open your mind to the amazing possibilities of life.
  2. Reminisce: Reflect on yourself, your strengths, appreciate your progress and identify where you can do better and how much more peaceful your life can be. Renew your commitment to yourself, your dreams & aspirations… and while you are at it, indulge yourself with any of our Spa packages.
  3. Give: Spread the cheer, give love, attention and gifts, we have just the right gifts for you. Take out time to put a smile on someone’s face by:
  • Gifting them some quality skincare products for natural glow. Get a 15% discount on all our products when you purchase via our website.
  • A spa treat is another amazing idea and our Gift Card options make it so much easier.

 4. Embrace the love of God, family and friends : Now is a perfect time to let go of  bad energy, reconnect with loved ones, colleagues and to enjoy some worthwhile company. The ORIKI Spa is the best place to reflect as you enjoy a worthwhile massage therapy with any essential oil of your choosing.

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