Enjoy The Skin-Nourishing Goodness of Quality Hammam Treatments

Hammam is an Arabic word that means ‘spreader of warmth'. It is often referred to as the ultimate wellness treatment as it has been around for centuries.

Moroccan/Turkish Hammam treatment is the process of stimulating a deep, revitalizing and invigorating cleanse through the use of hot steam baths, vitamin-E rich ingredients, herbs, scrubs and masks known for their skin-nourishing properties.

A highly recommended treatment for cleansing the body, Hammams often involve extremely hot temperatures and wet stream baths accompanied by exfoliation and massages in most cases.

Hammam treatments should, at least, be a weekly routine as it helps to open skin pores for the release of toxins, boost the immune system, rejuvenate and increase blood circulation in the body, intensely invigorate and relax the mind and body, and in many cases, lead to weight reduction.

From basic to luxurious, here are some of our must-try Hammam Treatments below:

  • Basic Hammam - 60 minutes:

Steam Bath + Exfoliation designed to deep cleanse and polish your skin

  • Traditional Hammam - 60 minutes:

Steam Bath + Exfoliation with a medley of ingredients for a more intense scrub, designed to remove the debris and dead skin.

  • Souqla Hammam (Brightening) - 60 minutes:

Steam Bath + Exfoliation + A brightening mask comprised of 17 different herbs to reveal that glow.

  • Arabian Hammam - 60 minutes:

Steam Bath + Exfoliation + a natural whitening mask applied all over the body to promote an even and glowing complexion.

  • Royal Hammam - 90 minutes:

Steam Bath + Exfoliation + Hydrating and Brightening Mask + Hydrotherapy Message, designed to ensure you leave the spa feeling like the queen/king that you are through exfoliation and relaxation.

The ORÍKÌ Moroccan/Turkish Hammam is a complete head to toe purifying and exfoliating experience, so avoid using lotion, oils or make up on your skin before treatment.

The first step to taking advantage of this refreshing treatment is by booking an appointment on the ORÍKÌ website to enjoy the time of your life.