Do You Need A WashCloth In Your Skincare Routine?

  Photo source: Alesia Kozik on pexels


A washcloth is a cloth for washing one's face and body, typically made of terry cloth or other absorbent material. A washcloth is very similar to a towel, but smaller than most and intended to be used wet or damp. They are also known as face towels.


There are a few good reasons why people use washcloths in their routine:

It aids in skin cleansing: A washcloth aids in the removal of makeup and other impurities. They won't clog your pores and result in breakouts that way.

It exfoliates skin: Even sensitive skin can typically withstand the gentle exfoliating action a washcloth provides. Furthermore, exfoliating skin makes it look brighter and healthier.


While these are good reasons to use a washcloth, there are some cons to it as well:

They could serve as a playground for bacteria: A freshly used or freshly washed washcloth is the ideal environment for bacteria to live in and grow since they thrive in damp environments. Also, you can develop an infection or discomfort if that occurs. 

They require maximum effort: Ideally, washcloths are meant to be fresh for every use. This means that you have to use a new one every day, and if you have just a few, you would need to wash them after each use to avoid them from inhibiting bacteria.


From the above-stated points, you can deduce that washcloths aren't bad to include in your skincare routine but that doesn't make them a necessity. As a matter of fact, if you can't keep up with using a new washcloth daily, it becomes a risk to your skin. Also, it isn't a great option for those with sensitive skin, the pressure from the friction of the washcloth against the skin could result in irritation.


However, it is possible to avoid the danger of infection while using washcloths safely.

  • After every use, wash the washcloth. While it may be tedious, excellent hygiene depends on it.
  • If a washcloth is damp or even simply wet, never use it. Before using your washcloth, let it dry completely because that's when bacteria grow.
  • Never share your washcloth with someone else. 
  •  If you're really concerned about bacteria, boil the washcloth in hot water after each usage. You can be sure that will kill them all that way.