Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and its Benefits

Working from home sure does have its benefits; being able to work at the comfort of your home, in whatever outfit you choose, munching on your favorite snack or even enjoying your favorite glass of wine. It’s just so comfortable. But it also has its side effects which include unhealthy sitting positions unlike those provided at the office, laying or sitting on one spot for too long which causes tiredness and stiffness of one’s muscles and many others. The extra time on one’s hand and the added advantage of not having to wake up too early to prepare for the office also increases the chances of partaking in exercises and sports which could lead to strained muscles. Sometimes, pain killers are not enough to heal the aches and dealing with these chronic pains can be quite frustrating and mentally draining. Well, if you’ve been experiencing pains, stress, muscle soreness or feeling stiffness and tension in your muscles, a Deep Tissue Massage is most likely the solution you need.

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage therapy which involves the physical application of firm pressure and slow strokes along the length of the muscle fibers using the elbow, forearm, knuckles and thumbs to break up scar tissues and physically break down muscle knots and rigid tissues which disrupt circulation and cause pain. Deep tissue massages target inner layers of tense muscles and connective tissues to relief chronic muscle pains, lower and upper back pain, postural problems, neck pain, repetitive strain injury, sports injury, muscle tension in the legs, glutes, IT band, hamstrings, and many other kinds of muscle conditions. Deep Tissue Massage is also beneficial in relieving stress and treating arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, bursitis, fatigue and even depression among others.

Deep Tissue Massages also has phycological effects as it helps one unwind mentally and makes one’s thinking process smoother. Unlike Swedish Massage which is mainly used to promote relaxations and reduce muscle tension caused by daily activities, Deep Tissue Massage focuses on muscles, chronic pain and sports-related injuries which can be a bother to one and can make everyday activities more stressful and difficult to carry out.

A Deep Tissue Massage can either involve the entire body or a particular area. During this massage process, one has to lay on one’s back or stomach, exposing at least the area of focus while the massage therapist warms up the muscles with lighter touches before applying the much-needed pressure on the problem areas using deep kneading and stroking.

Deep tissue massages may not be carried out over open wounds, bruises, inflamed or infected skin, skin rashes, tumors, fragile bones or on people with blood clot as they risk becoming dislodged. Pregnant women and people who have just gone through surgery, chemotherapy or are living with medical conditions are advised to consult their doctors before proceeding with Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

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