Dealing with Anxiety can be Easier with these Tips

Anxiety is that feeling of unease and nervousness about something with an uncertain outcome. Most times, it is our body's way of coping with stressful situations. It comes in different ways: you can feel your heart beat racing and/or you could get a sweaty palm, and there are other ways to identify when you're anxious. Anxiety is often triggered by situations, so knowing your triggers is the first step to learning how to cope with anxiety. Some anxiety triggers include resuming your first day at work, having to make a presentation in front of a crowd, getting ready for an exam, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, etc.

Identifying what triggers your anxiety

It may take time, personal reflection and observations, but identifying your triggers on your own is possible. Better still, it can be done with the help of a therapist. Some triggers are obvious while some need extra support and observations.

Problems such as financial or work-related situations which are long-term may take some time to figure out. It could it be an upcoming date, a person, or a situation. These kinds may take some extra support, through therapy or with friends.

When you eventually do figure out what your trigger(s) is/are, you should try to limit your exposure if possible. If you can’t, like if it’s due to a stressful work environment that can’t currently be changed, using coping techniques like the ones listed below may help:

Ask questions and change your thought pattern

One way is to challenge your fears is to ask yourself if they’re real. Most times they're not. They're usually made up b your thoughts unconsciously and if you don't fight the thought with reality, it takes root and it distorts the severity of the situation whenever you’re faced with similar tasks. Tell yourself the truth and face the situation head on, that's how you can take back control.

Practice focused, deep breathing

Taking deep breaths is an efficient way to calm a racing heartbeat. Try breathing in and out for 4 counts each. This help even out your breath, thereby slowing down your heart rate which will help you calm down.

Distract your mind from the situation or event

Taking some time off from the situation at hand can help calm your mind and give you a different perspective on how to go about the current situation. Taking a shower or sitting by the waterside,  going for a walk, exercising, reading, journaling, swimming and many other activities can help distract the mind and calm your anxiety. Find what makes you happy and do it whenever you feel anxious. It could be singing, dancing or even playing games. Getting a massage is also a very good way to deal with anxiety.

Write down your thoughts

Writing is a good way to relax. Writing down what makes you anxious helps you get it out if your head and can make it less formidable. Also, you can write down positive affirmations, mantras, and quotes and say them to yourself whenever you feel anxious. This not only helps to calm you down, but also to remind you of what your mindset should be.

Use aromatherapy

They come in different forms like oil and candles to incense and many others. Whether they come in any of these forms, scents like lavender, sandalwood and chamomile can be really soothing. Aromatherapy is said to help activate certain receptors in the brain, potentially easing your anxiety.

Anxieties are often intense in some cases. For those who experience anxiety sporadically, simple steps may not be all you need to be able to cope or overcome your anxiety. There are some cases of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and in cases like this, long-term strategies which involve seeing a professional should be employed to help lessen the severity of symptoms and help lessen how often they occur.

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