Best Mental Health Awareness Month Ideas for Corporate Bodies in 2023

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Mental Health Awareness Month is an observance meant to bring awareness to the topic of mental health issues. Usually around May, we celebrate this month. Examples of ways to acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month at work include offering mental health screenings, hosting a craft night, or planning an exercise session. These initiatives seek to eliminate the stigma of mental health issues around the workplace.


This season is an illustration of staff wellness initiatives, employee engagement efforts, and strategies to foster a healthy work environment.

Every day, millions of people struggle with mental health challenges. As a result, it is crucial for businesses to establish a setting where team members feel comfortable and supported. May was declared to be Mental Health Awareness in 1949. This occasion aims to promote mental health and raise awareness of the problems that so many people experience.


These suggestions for Mental Health Awareness Month are excellent ways to foster discussions and mental health.


Offer a Wellness Gift

Giving gifts is one of the most impressive ways to observe Mental Health Awareness Month at work. Giving each team member a wellness present that they can use all during the month is one approach to do this. At ORÍKÌ, we support workplace wellness with our specialized gift cards, purchase our gift cards for your team members or co-workers, family, friends and loved ones here.


Leave Work at Work

After the workday, team members frequently check in on ongoing activities. Overwork can sometimes take the form of reading emails after hours or working on a project at home. However, having no downtime or, at best, disrupted downtime, is bad for your mental health. Encourage employees to leave work at work for the entire month. Encourage employees to finish their jobs at the end of the day and refrain from checking in after a specific time.


Cut Off Daily Distractions

Today, social media and technology are used often. But research after research demonstrates the detrimental consequences these things can have on mental health. A simple suggestion for Mental Health Awareness Month is to encourage team members to take time off. Even while it is impossible to turn off technology and social media for a month completely, there are ways to do it.


Encourage your staff to disable social media notifications for May if they're willing to do so. A setting that is free from pings and warnings all the time is more tranquil and healthful. Social networking apps can be removed from phones for the month by serious participants. By doing this, you'll lessen aimless scrolling and the inevitable comparisons and thoughts that come with the deluge of posts.


Step Outside

Team members that spend most of their day indoors benefit from being outside in terms of stress relief. There are several methods for getting workers outside. Consider organizing a business picnic for the month. This occasion can take place on a Saturday and welcome families. Alternatively, take the afternoon off work to cook the crew a picnic lunch. Another option is to schedule a group hike for a weekend day.


Encourage staff to go for a daily 15-minute stroll as a low-key activity. There are many flora and sights to see on a little nature walk if your office is close to a park. Team members are more inclined to participate if the supervisors set an example for them.


Provide Mental Health Examinations

Unaware of their struggles, team members may have mental health problems. Providing a secure and acceptable means for employees to conduct self-evaluations can aid in identifying issues before they get out of hand.


You can connect staff members to a variety of self-service screening resources, such as those offered by Mental Health America. Another choice would be to hire a counsellor to work with team members one-on-one or provide access to teletherapy for workers. One of the finest methods to focus on mental health is to provide employees with the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of their brains.


Give Kudos

Team members feel good about themselves when leadership acknowledges and recognizes their efforts. The verbal affirmation also fosters more engagement and attention to crucial tasks. Encourage team members, especially leaders, to concentrate on praising colleagues during the month of May and beyond.


Organize a Stress Reduction Seminar

Stress is a natural aspect of life. Your body releases hormones in response to stress that can eventually cause mental and physical illnesses. Stress can result in headaches, insomnia, irritability, and inattentiveness if it is not managed. Hosting a seminar with a stress-reduction theme can greatly aid team members in overcoming obstacles. You can instruct breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques during the course.


Encourage Gratitude

When team members demonstrate gratitude, happiness and the atmosphere at work typically improve. Hopefully emphasizing thankfulness will lead to behaviors that last the remainder of the year.


The greatest method to concentrate on being grateful is to create a gratitude station. In the office's common area, you can set up a table. Offer blank diaries and thank-you letters at this table. A bulletin board with blank notecards can also be set up so that team members can list their blessings and show them.


Eat Healthy Foods

Taking good care of your body might improve your mental health. Team members can concentrate better on assignments when they consume wholesome, satisfying meals. If your budget permits, organize a weekly team lunch at work. You can either bring a nutritious breakfast or snack or have a catered lunch. Alternatively, you might organize a potluck and invite your employees to contribute a healthy version of their preferred food.


Provide Massages

One of the most appreciated Mental Health Awareness Month event suggestions is to hire a licensed massage therapist if your budget allows. Many masseuses operate on the go and will bring their required equipment to get the job done at your preferred location. Consider doing this event for a full week or one day each week throughout the month, depending on the number of employees. One of the best methods to concentrate on self-care is with a massage. The advantages still apply even if each team member simply receives a 20- to 30-minute massage. 

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List of Ideas for Mental Health Awareness Month