Mental health is on top of the list of the most important requirements for a safe and productive everyday life. But most times we tend to over work our minds in the process of getting our job done.

Ways to Mentally Refresh


It’s easy to move all our plans to unwind for the weekend, forgetting that we need breaks during the week as well to keep our energy going. This sometimes (depending on the complexity level of the task) leads to mental stress which could lead to a breakdown, if not paid attention to.

There are so many disadvantages that come with having a stressed mind; it causes you to lose concentration, reduces your work flow, affects your social life negatively, etc. You should pay mind to your mental health just as much as you do your physical health, because they need each other to be in a stable state for you to have a positive and productive everyday life.

Listed below are tips to help you relax your mind after a stressful day:

Practice belly breathing:

Practicing deep breaths regularly has been said to reduces anxiety by a considerable amount in a short period of time.

Practice Belly Breathing


Slow, deep breathing stimulates our wandering nerve, which then releases an anti-stress chemical called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the major neurotransmitter of our parasympathetic system, which slows down the heart rate when in a panic or anxiety attack.

Practice yoga poses:

In yoga, you consciously relax your body muscles.

Practice Yoga Poses

In this state of alert relaxation, you are not in the grip of automatic muscle tension. Your muscles are relaxed, yet they can take commands from your brain to move at will.

Get a mid-week massage:

Yes, massages are not only meant for the weekends.

Get a Mid-Week Massage


It’s okay to leave work at work after closing hours when you’re stressed. It’s a good opportunity to meet up with that friend or family to discuss and get things off your chest. It’s also a good opportunity for you both to stop by at our new location, The Yacht Hotel, Lekki Phase 1 or any of our Spas closer to you for a worthwhile massage or a treatment before heading home. You’ll be amazed how much stress you need to let go of and how productive the rest of your week will be.

Eat healthy food:

Studies have found a strong relationship between what we eat and how our brain performs.

Eat Healthy Food


A healthy, nutritious diet helps our mood and mental faculties function at an optimal level. Remember! You're what you eat. Also remember to drink enough water every day.

Listen to music:

Music has been said and proven to be one of the best therapies, and there's always a suitable sound or genre for every mood.

Listen to Music


You might prefer listening to rock or pop or metal or grunge. But nothing works better than some peaceful, soothing tunes when it comes to relaxing yourself. Such music is known to calm down your mind. Plus, it can divert your focus away from stress and make exercising much interesting.

As stated earlier, mental health should be taken just as seriously as your physical health. There are much more ways to ease your mind after a stressful day, you just have to find a way that suits you best.