3 Beauty Tips That Will Save You Some Time…And Money!

To feel your best, it's necessary to stand tall, be self-assured, and believe in yourself. However, beauty secrets also matter, as every person who has ever stood in front of a mirror can attest.


Even while the way we look might only make up a small percentage of who we are, it is still a part of us. Additionally, the assurance that you look your best can be empowering.

It doesn't have to be challenging or costly to look your best. Most of us just need to focus on a few fundamental beauty tips - necessities that can help us look and feel fantastic without spending a lot of time or money.

Here are our top three tips to achieve this:


Tip #1

Prioritize Your Moisturizer


If you can only afford one skin care product, whether your skin is dry, normal, or even oily, your money should be well spent on a good moisturizer. 

When skin is dry, every wrinkle is highlighted and makes you appear older. Sometimes, all you actually need is a nice moisturizer and a moderate cleanser.

A good moisturizer can take the place of a lot of products as it will provide you with most of the protection you need if you're in your 20s or 30s to prevent skin from ageing too quickly.

What really constitutes a "good" moisturizer then? A good moisturizer is one that can do a variety of things, depending on the demands of your skin, from gently providing moisture, to sealing in the moisture you've already achieved.

Our Skin Rejuvenating Face Cream W/Vitamin B3 is an ideal choice.


Tip #2

Pick Your Cleanser Carefully

If you always wash with soap and water, you might want to reconsider your cleaning approach. Using the mildest cleanser you can find, and applying it sparingly, is one of the best beauty tips known.

Try our Gentle Foam Citrus Cleanser with Green Tea, or our Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash


While it may be tempting to wash your face many times each day (especially if you have oily skin), doing so won't benefit you and, if you're using a strong product, like soap, you risk damaging your skin. Washing your face more than twice a day can harm the skin's natural lipid barrier, the lubricating protective layer that keeps the skin looking and feeling healthy.

When that barrier is damaged and the strength of the skin barrier is affected, the skin becomes dry and is vulnerable to cracking, peeling, itching, burning, and stinging. It could also make you appear older than your actual age.

The remedy is to only wash your skin twice a day and to choose your cleanser carefully.


Tip #3

Sunscreen Is Your Best Antiaging Product


Put on sunscreen before you start your day, during your day, before you spend a huge sum of money on that pricy anti-ageing product, in fact, before you do anything.


Though most people are aware that it lowers the chance of skin cancer, did you also know that it is an incredible beauty secret that can maintain youthful-looking skin? This is because sunscreen counteracts the effects of the sun's ageing rays by shielding the skin from their harmful rays.


The sun has an effect on the skin's ability to produce collagen, which is necessary for the skin to stay hydrated, plump, wrinkle-free, and youthful. If you expose your skin to too much sun, it will wrinkle before its time.


Without the use of sunscreen, even a few minutes of sun exposure every day over many years can result in noticeable alterations to the appearance and feel of the skin. There will be more wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Because of the sun, the skin can appear slack and loose or harsh and leathery.

Even if you do spend time outside, sunscreen can shield your skin from the sun's harmful rays, making your face less likely to reflect your age.


Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher. If you're going to be in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time, reapply every hour or two because the sun weakens its effectiveness over time. Here’s how to reapply your sunscreen properly.


Bonus Tip

Apply your usual sunscreen before applying makeup (it should go on first, before anything). Use a light, translucent mineral powder for touch-ups to offer additional protection all throughout the day.


Watch how your skin’s health and appearance will skyrocket with just these three small but mighty tips.