8 Tips To Help Get The Most Out Of Your Massage

Most of us do not get massages as frequently as we would like and need to know how to maximise the effects of our massages when we do get one. Here are a few helpful tips for getting the most out of your massages.


Arrive Early.

Ensure that you take it easy once you arrive.  It could take longer to unwind if you come in a frantic, hurried mood. Feel free to show up a little early, kick back, unwind, and sip some tea or coffee.


Drink a lot of water.

Being properly hydrated is generally a good idea, but it's especially important before receiving a massage.  Make sure to hydrate those muscles and soft tissues by taking in as much water as you can.  Which gets us ready for the second part of this tip — before the session starts, ensure to use the restroom.


The More Undressed You Are, The Better.

Throughout your session, your therapist will maintain a professional draping, only revealing the parts of your body that are being worked on at the time. Most of the time, removing all clothing makes it simpler for the therapist to perform the massage, which benefits you by giving you a more enjoyable massage. Whether or not you remove your clothes during therapy is ultimately up to you, and the therapist will modify their methods to suit your preferences.


Communication Is Key.

It's vital that you feel comfortable throughout your massage, so feel free to communicate with your therapist about the pressure, any discomfort (or relief), the ambience, the temperature, the music, etc. This is your massage and your body after all.


Relax Your Mind And Muscles

Here, all the work is being done by your therapist.  It is counterproductive to your massage experience if you stiffen or tense your muscles. Be sure to tell your massage therapist if you start to feel strained, so that the pressure or techniques employed can be changed to your comfort level. Follow the massage therapist's hands and concentrate on how the touch feels if you notice that your mind is racing throughout the massage. This will help you to become more body-centred and quiet your mind.



Relaxation of the body and mind is facilitated by full, spontaneous breathing. It is reflexive to hold your breath when a sensitive area is being massaged or when your mind is racing. Inhale deeply as you strive to release the tension in those locations. Gently remind yourself to breathe if you notice that you are holding your breath.


Take Your Time—We Will Wait. 

After your massage, don't rush to get off the bed. Allow yourself a few minutes to truly take in the peacefulness and benefits of your massage. Allow your body to thoroughly absorb the effects of your massage therapy session before getting up slowly and gently when you are ready. Give yourself some peaceful, unwinding time following your appointment as well.


Be Consistent.

The advantages of massage increase over time. Massage has cumulative therapeutic effects, so the more frequently you have one, the better you'll feel and the quicker your body will respond. As the body is affected and the persistent patterns of tension are discharged, relaxation gets deeper from session to session. 

Feel free to schedule your next appointment with us. Our massage experts are readily available to cater for your muscular needs.