Pro Clear INTRODUCTORY KIT Oily | Combination

15,000.00 NGN

As the name connotes, the Pro Clear line was created to meet all the needs of oily/combination skin to enhance rich oil balancing and regulation for the skin.


Herbal Skin Clearing Toner with Green Tea

Removes mineral residue, restores PH level and prepares the skin for proper protective treatment.

Absorbing Clay Mineral Mask

This is a perfect answer for any concern for oily, congested skin types. It draws out debris found deep within the pores leaving a refreshed face

Hawaiian Kukui and Shea Nut Scrub

It is good for use after cleansing.

Licorice Mattifying Oil Blocking Moisturizer

This facial moisturizer takes good care of oily, combination or acneic skin. It absorbs into skin and picks up excess oil, leaving a balanced matte finish. Its powerful botanical extracts enhance equilibrium and clarity while its Aloe Barbadesis Leaf and Carrot Root extracts unite to hydrate and moisturize without any greasy residue.

Gentle Foam Citrus Cleanser with Green Tea

This lathering cleanser gives correct balance to oily skin and serves as an effective foaming cleanser cleans and purifies while retaining the skin's natural moisture balance.

Shine Control Alfalfa Leaf Serum

Encourages balance and sebum regulation with oil-free, rapid penetrating serum ideally suited to oily or breakout prone skin, creating an environment that is hostile to acne-causing bacteria.

Marine Infused Green Tea Eye Gel

A lightweight, greaseless eye gel that absorbs quickly to deeply hydrate and nourish the delicate tissue found in the Eye Zone. Botanical Mushroom Bio Complex, encourages cellular activity while calming puffiness and diminishing dark circles. Glycosaminoglycans, botanical extracts of Seaweed, Eyebright, Green Tea and Rooibos soothe and balance the skin minimizing the visible appearance of fine lines. When used daily, Marine Infused Green Tea Eye Gel improves overall appearance around the eyes by delivering potent vitamins, minerals and emollients which keep skin looking vibrant and nourished. May be applied under makeup.