We're going Vegan this Summer!

Did you know…
Most heart diseases, diabetes, lung cancer, obesity and many other unmentionables have been linked to animal fat and protein consumption, especially when there is lack of exercise in our daily routine and fiber in our meals.

Below are some staple foods we should all be taking in moderation:

Cow's Milk – This contains a high amount of fat and protein that is too much for us, so no     chocolates this summer.
Eggs – These are linked to most cardiovascular diseases due to their high levels of cholesterol.

But there’s good news…
Our diet this summer is associated with reducing the risks for all these health conditions, thus you should join us on our vegan journey this season. Remember its only for the summer but we recommend you continue till the end of the year.

See Vegan options below:

  • Protein – Beans, Quinoa, Hummus and Pita, Rice, Wheat Bread and Peanuts
  • Calcium – Broccoli, Kale, Tofu, Fruit Juices and Soymilk and Oatmeal.
  • Iron – Pumpkin, Spinach, Brown Rice, Soy Beans and Cashews
  • Fiber – Peas, Vegetables, Fruits and Black Beans

 Thank Us Later!