We Woke Up Flawless

Most of us went through puberty that gifted us with pimples that we poked leading to scars; and don't forget the acne that found a home on different parts of our skin.
While some of us passed this stage and got our skin back, others have never quite recovered.
For those with recovering skin and those with okay skin that could be better how do we do it? how do we make our skin pop and become flawless?
1. Use the right products! From cleansers to body creams to serums make sure you use the right ones. And right doesn't get better than using nature inspired and natural ingredients based products. Here at ORÍKÌ we believe nature knows best and so all our products are made from potent natural ingredients for solving, maintaining and improving skin conditions.
2. Drink loads of water! this is one habit we cannot over emphasize. Gulping 3 liters of water can be a task but we ease that when we infuse our water with healthy fruits like strawberries, lemons and cucumber. This not only makes it easier to drink water but also flushes the body of toxins and helps our skin breathe easier.
3. Wash up well. Have a routine that works for you which should include a scrub, a soak, steam and regular baths. The cleaner we keep our skins the better they will look.
4.Stay away from the sun. The notion that we are africans and we do not get sunburn is a lie! In this climate with you being on the go you need to deal with the sun. Get an umbrella for sunny days ignore the sniggers and use that umbrella to provide some shade for your skin also make sure you get a good sunscreen to help with keeping your skin flawless. https://www.orikigroup.com/collections/treatments/products/sun-protective-defense-cream
There you have it! follow this consistently and you will soon be singing 'woke up flawless'.