Ways to Stay Above the Recession Stress

We are indeed in interesting times, and as much as we know not every one is ‘participating’ in this recession we are all affected in one way or the other.
This change can lead to a couple of worries and stress all round.
The thing about stressing and worrying is that asides not doing anything to help the situation it can actually increase your problems. Stress causes a chemical reaction in your body that makes your skin more sensitive and reactive, it also makes it harder to heal and rejuvenate.


Here are some reasons why you should not let the stress of the current times get to you:

  1. Stress ages you
  2. Stress can lead to breakouts
  3. Worsen skin issues
  4. Interfere with your skin routine
  5. Give you under eye bags

And a host of other problems!

Here are some easy ways to get stress off this period:

  1. Put on a mask: Stress is known to cause breakouts and if you are feeling some level of stress we advise you to take some of the stress off by relaxing with a masks. One of our favorite masks is the Chai Seed Ultra Hydrating Mask; not only does it restore moisture to your skin it also has a nice smell that soothes your senses and helps you relax better. Shop here: http://www.orikigroup.com/collections/gentle-care/products/chia-seed-ultra-hydrating-mask
  1. Take a good shower: Everyone knows a good shower hot or cold is a great way to unwind, as the water helps relax your muscles and rids your body of dirt. You can increase your feel good levels by exfoliating your skin with a scrub. We have a mint body scrub that leaves a soothing feel that will help you relax and cleanse your skin at the same time. Shop here: http://www.orikigroup.com/collections/exfoliants/products/mint-sugar-body-scrub
  1. Get a pedicure: when you feel stressed the most don’t forget that the part of your body that gets one of the hardest hit is your feet which carries you everywhere; so take some time out and pamper your feet! Nothing beats a good pedicure with an added foot massage to relieve you of stress. Book a session today
  1. Aromatherapy! Over the years we have come to embrace the potency of smells to create/inspire certain actions in the body. A simple lightening of a candle can create senses that would relax you and aid in relieving stress
  1. Massage: Get a good massage or some time out at the Spa to help take the edge off. Some time pampering yourself with a massage is one of the surest ways to get stress off. Book some time out at the Spa today. You can see some Spa services here to help: http://www.orikigroup.com/pages/the-oriki-spa 


These are easy ways to stay on top of all the stress this recession might want to bring your way.