Something New at the Store!

We are excited to introduce our new products to you! We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we always bring you better and more and we are here to tell you more about these amazing products we have created just for you.

Mint Sugar Body Scrub

Introducing our Mint Sugar Scrub. This scrub is a brilliant mix of mint and sugar designed to exfoliate and soothe your skin leaving you with the most refreshing feel!

The work of the sugar grains is further perfected with the refreshing feel of mint on thoroughly clean skin.

May we add that this scrub has the finest smell! You definitely want to try it. 

Sugarcane Lip Scrub

Next on the release we have our Sugarcane Lip Scrub with Coconut Oil.
Our lips need love and care too! This scrub is designed to gently exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling softer and cleaner. The sugarcane gently lifts off the dead skin around the lips and the coconut oil seals in the moisture and softens your lips.
Everyone needs a lip scrub.

Beard Oil with Jojoba

We have one of our personal favorites, the ORÍKÌ for Men Beard Oil with Jojoba.

Who does not love a man with good facial hair! We created a beard oil that is great for growing and keeping your beard lush and healthy.

With this beard oil we have helped you say good-bye to scanty, dry and brittle beards. This oil was created with jojoba oil, which is great for encouraging healthy hair growth is sure to help you grow the best lush, full and healthy beard. Also serves to moisturize your face and reduce the appearance of bumps from shaving.

Great beards are an investment make one today.

Refreshingly Mint Body Oil

Last we have the Refreshingly Mint Body Oil. Mint has a lasting cooling and refreshing effect on our skin. This body oil made out of the best mint leaves, gives a lasting effect on the skin. It can be added to your body moisturizers, used for massages, aromatherapy and is also great for baths. Every home needs a bottle of mint oil for handy use.

We have more in the works to serve your skin needs better.

Stay in touch and make sure your purchase one or all of our new products.