Skin Care Solutions in Your Kitchen

Sometimes we need a quick fix for a skin challenge or we do not have access to our preferred products but with a good knowledge of these hacks and your kitchen you are well on your way to having more options for your skin needs.

We have listed some of our favorite kitchen items that double up as quick fixes below.

1. Garlic: This is great for treating acne as it contains allicin which is a compound responsible for the flavor and smell as well as its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Rub some garlic juice on any acne spot and go to bed. wash off in the morning and behold the change.

2. Honey: Good old honey is a great antiseptic and goes well with whatever acne treatment you are using. It aids in speeding up the healing and recovery of your skin and serves as a great moisture retaining agent.

3. Eggs: This is one ingredient we all almost always have. Asides the different nutritional benefits of eggs it can be used as a mask to tighten your face skin and reduce the chances of wrinkles. Egg whites are an effective DIY facial masks for your home use

4. Apple Cider: The acidic nature of vinegar gives it an astringent effect closing the pores of the skin and balancing the pH level of the skin. It also helps to remove dead skin cells. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which prevent acne and skin infections.

5. Potatoes: feels good to know that potatoes are more than a carb item. Raw potatoes contain a particular compound that reduces swellings and puffiness which are good for those eye bags and dark circles. Just cut through the potatoes and place underneath the eyes. After a while you would notice the puffiness would go down.

6. Sea Salt: Sea salt draws out impurities and cleanses pores deeply. It is a great treatment for people with large pores. It also helps to balance the production of sebum. Sea salt also has antibacterial properties. 

7. Bananas: These are as yummy as they are helpful, both the pulp and the peel are good for the skin. it contains vitamin E which helps with anti aging. Bananas hydrate your skin and keeps you youthful by moisturizing your skin and locking in moisture. 

8. Turmeric: This curry like spice not only makes your food taste and smell heavenly but can also be used as an antiseptic and great for fading skin discolorations, hair removal and post acne scarring. 


When using these products please note that the fresher the better, we do not need more skin care problems from using products that have gone bad. 

What other DIY tricks do you use?please share we would like to hear from you.


June 01, 2017 by Ellen Ukpi
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