Simple Steps to Having Soft Lips

With Valentines day fast approaching we understand the need to look special for the loved ones in our lives. Looking your best takes work especially with all the things that affect our looks that we cannot control like weather and genes!

Keep your lips soft and completely kissable through the love season and beyond by following these tips.

Hydrate by Drinking Water

Drink enough water! your lips are first hydrated from the condition of your body. You have to ensure that you are well hydrated from inside and it would reflect on the outside. Drinking water every time you are thirsty keeps you well hydrated, helps your skin looking good and makes your lips more kissable! It also has the added advantage of helping you loose weight! as thirst can sometimes come as hunger; if you have eaten recently instead of getting more food try drinking some water. You can keep water based fruits like watermelon and cucumber handy for snacking.


If you happen to have dry chapped lips then you can exfoliate. But remember to do this gently, we do not want to create more problems by rubbing too hard. You can use a salt or sugar based scrub for this. We recently created an ORÍKÌ Sugarcane Lip Scrub with coconut oil that leaves your lips soft and totally kissable! You can always order this from the store by calling or dropping by. You can do this once or twice a day when you are wetting your lips or as often as you can. The more often the better the results.

Use that Lippie!

Use a good balm before using your lipstick especially if its a matte lipstick, you can use the non glossy ones that will not ruin the look of your lippie but keep your lips moist. You should always carry a lip balm around and use it as often as you can.

Use these simple tricks to keep your lips kissable this love season and beyond!


February 02, 2017 by Ellen Ukpi
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