Pillows: How they can be Helping your Skin

When it comes to helping your skin look its very best (younger, smoother, clearer), your pillow decision is as essential as your product routine.

In today’s blogpost, we will be talking about how you should sleep at night on your pillow, depending on your skin concerns and what you’re looking to prevent or improve.

 If you have under eye puffiness…sleeping on two pillows would be very beneficial, here’s why: When your head is elevated, it helps to reduce fluid retention so you’re less puffy both in the face and under the eyes in the morning. It’s also important to avoid using a really greasy eye cream before bed and at night as the oils can travel into the eyes and cause unnecessary puffiness.

 If you have tired-looking skin…sleeping on a single pillow that is thinner with a low elevation will do the trick, here’s why: During the daytime hours, you’re in an upright position for most of the day and the blood can move downward from the face making the skin look pale and tired, most people experience this. So at night, you want to have your head as flat as possible and also tilted back a bit to re-balance that flow and stimulate circulation to the face to give an inner glow. A well-formulated vitamin C serum like this one can be a big bonus as well.

 If you have deep wrinkles that run from the nostril to the corner of the mouth… we recommend you sleep on your back and if perhaps you’re a side sleeper, position your head on the lower corner of your pillow, here’s why: To prevent wrinkle lines, you want to avoid a squishing of the cheeks while sleeping and thus reduce encouraging the lines that come naturally with age due to smiling and laughing.

 If you’re prone to breakouts…many people don’t realize this, but a lot of breakouts are caused by pillow sleep habits, because when sleeping on your pillowcase for 7-8 hours a night, you are transferring a lot of oil from both your hair and face onto the pillowcase. Oil ends up on your face when you roll over while sleeping. And because oil breeds bacteria which then leads to breakouts, it only appropriate that you’d want to sleep on a clean pillowcase every night.

 We suggest two nights with the same pillowcase should be your target, try sleeping on one side of the pillow on one night and then flipping it over on the second night to achieve this. After two nights, you can replace your pillowcase with a fresh, clean one.

 NOTE: Makeup removal, face cleansing before bed is a must and will cause more breakouts than just a dirty pillowcase if not done, so please make sure you are diligent about washing your face daily.

May 11, 2017 by Ellen Ukpi
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