New Year Resolutions: My First Facial Experience!

It is a new year and what is a new year without goals and resolutions to be better.

One of 2017 goals is to take care of my skin better and maintain a constant glow! This is the goal that got me to the Spa for my first facial ever!

I have always thought I take good care of my skin; I mean I use the basic products and I have a fair enough clear skin, so why need a facial? Well I discovered everyone needs a facial and facials are not just about correcting skin issues but also about maintaining great skin.

I called the ORÍKÌ Spa and booked myself in. When I got there I was received by the warmest staff that made me feel at home, that was after the sweet smell of this gorgeous place wafted into my nose and drew me in. I met up with my therapist who was set up and waiting for me (Talk about proactive customer care) She first looked at my skin carefully and had a discussion with me over the different facials and what was best for my skin type and the issues I was having. 

Right over to my experience, I must say a facial is so relaxing! It was a mini escape for me and I did not want it to stop! The therapist’s hands where so tender and apt, taking not just dirt but also all the tension from my face. I did not just get a facial I got a face massage that was so relaxing. (talk about extra wins!)

The products all smelt so good and natural; the waterfall sounds in the background just made it the perfect mind and body escape. After the 60 minutes facial I felt like a whole ton of weight had been taken off my face, my face felt super soft, light and smooth!

I am now a firm believer in facials and already booked in for my next facial right after I get a body scrub.

You should get on the skin care bandwagon too! Oh and just in case you aren’t sure where to start with facials and skincare, they offer skin consultations which are thorough and enlightening. After which you can book a facial and try some products too.


January 13, 2017 by Ellen Ukpi
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