Mirror Mirror on The Wall


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

This popular line haunted our childhood and while we waved it off as something the evil Queen said, we failed to notice that it was an introduction to the competitive future of beauty standards. Swipe a couple years away and we are women living in a world of dynamic beauty where curvy is the new rave and ebony skin is the poster content. Till tomorrow comes and there’s a new measure for what we should look like and aspire to.

The question that has been debated is, who decides what the standard of beauty is and why do we even follow it? Sure there is an explanation about pop culture and how it determines everything we do especially in the selfie age where everything about human lifestyle is flaunted.

What if, we decided to toss out those standards, own our mirrors, and ravish the beauty we see each day ?

Now, this is not to tell you to be unhealthy because essentially we all want to live long enough to enjoy our beauty. It is, accepting the things we cannot change and working on those that we can.

There are three steps to owning your beauty


Make it your friend.

If you can get a full – length mirror, great but make do with what you can get. Spend some minutes daily looking at yourself and appreciating the unique parts of you. From the spot on your nose to the colour of your fingers, take your quirks and own them. Who was it that said they can’t be used against you if you accept them?



This isn’t about having a great body although constant exercise gives you desired body goals when paired with a good diet. It is about being fit. It is waking up in the morning and feeling great about yourself because you can breathe properly and do a whole lot without getting tired. It’s a psyche thing really. You get fit, are healthy, happy about it and your skin begins to radiate because you are happy. Let’s face it, beauty is part aura and if you have positive vibes, you are already winning.




We all love a good juicy burger with cheese dripping from the sides. But don’t have it every day! Draw up a diet that lets you have a balanced diet. You do remember what a balanced diet is? What our teachers drummed down our ears in elementary school? It is okay if you were just cramming then and can’t remember. Simply, eat the right food in the right portions at the right time.


There you have it. Three steps to being the most beautiful woman in your world. Never let anyone make you feel you aren’t.