Make Your Skin Feel Special in the Rainy Season Series


Whether you are looking for a product for oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin we recommend you find a product right for your skin type, we will explain everything you need to know about the best moisturizers for each skin type during the rains.

 Which is right for me?

Most moisturizers are skin type based and thus knowing your skin type is essential before getting one.

For Dry Skin: Get something that will give you tons of hydration and sooth your skin as well. Also a cream rather than a lotion since its richer and will give your face the moisture it needs.

For Combination Skin: Feel free to use two different moisturizers i.e one for oily skin and the other for dry skin to help keep a healthy balance, ingredients like lavender and juniper will help achieve that balance.

For Oily Skin: For the best results opt for a moisturizer that is oil free and make sure not to over moisturize as this would be counter productive.

For Sensitive Skin: Using natural products with great ingredients like chamomile, aloevera, green tea for their soothing qualities would be perfect.

For Normal Skin: Normal skin types are always defiant on moisturizing but it is advised to moisturize to keep your face hydrated and protected.

Be gentle! Tugging on your skin can cause premature wrinkles. Use soft, upward strokes while applying, for night time be sure to apply moisturizer at least 30mins before bed in order to allow product absorption.

July 13, 2017 by Ifeanyi Nkemneme
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